Saturday, July 31, 2010


I move through the night
draped in my catness
he is big and quiet
moving this energy
he draws up unbelievable amounts of it
he hunts you
drawn in by your scent
filled with the quiet certainty
that he will find you
his eyes see into you
out of you
through him
into you
out of him
through you
that "tantra"
to weave...

For you are all through him
he cannot deny this truth
and as the past drops away
he moves ever closer to you.
it was never needed, but was taken up to heal
the soul purposes
are in larger consequences
than those that the earthbound can concieve
but through your breath I am redeemed
left touched by your grace-filled essence
and disarmed by what you have held all this time

Waking up
he feels what he has never felt before
which is not entirely just him
not entirely just you
but the Two
begging him forward
asking of him to forget
a thousand lifetimes
of what once was
blooming into what can be

Show me what can be
for when I rustle beneath your window
in my sleeping
I am not a ghost
who speaks half remembered truths
but is doing what he can as he can to
from the slumber
of a thousand lifetimes.....

he knows he must do this
and yearns for you in totality
how can this be when he is pulled into ancient arguments?

Disrobing himself
into his catness
the Essence of This
declaring how it must Be
how it is
beyond paradox
the soul cat calls for his earthbound self
to awaken to come run as he hunts what is his
has always been his
and which he is just waking up to
as he is transformed
by your compassionate grace.

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