Saturday, December 18, 2010

Duality To Unity

It is time
The End of the world is coming near.

It is.

But remember what we said in the beginning
that there is no real end.

Here in this world
the world pulses with a life
which is cyclical in nature.
Atoms pulse
their electrons moving in and out of our world.
Our bodies-
if you could see-
are a pulsing realm of light
with lives and deaths coming and going every nano second
at a cellular level
we ride this wave
and this wave is part of another wave of your local humanity
and flora and fauna
and those join together in still larger invisible constructions
of consciousness and biological knowing
as every single thing
knows itself
as part of a giant webwork
so amazing and fascinating
for the fact that not a single thing
or particle falls through its net
but is held
lovingly and assuredly
in the always of being
and themselves rise up through still larger constructions
of being
and all of this and more rises up
through to the biggest of the big.
Galaxies pulse in the same way
turning like tops through space
and time.
Even they, in their seeming mute natures
brim with a knowing and life
which we scarcely understand
or know
and yet
our sachems
have sensed into this truth
this Life
and brought back
like hauling water back to us
told of what they felt and saw at that deep wellspring......

So it is no surprise
that there is an end to the ages on earth
and that these ages correspond to the ages of lives
reincarnational cycles
longer scaled cycles
tied to earth, moon, planets
and the galaxy.
Our ancient astronomers knew and understood these so well
they mapped them
and they were passed down
just as our indigenous brothers and sisters
saw into it.
As tipis rocked gently in the night
as the endlessness swirled above
it was understood
a giant interconnectivity reigned
and our lives were tied to this.
This just now is the end of an age
a new world is seeking to be born
and this conception is not subject to any of our control
but to our acquiescence.

It is time to our true divinity
which has never been subject to what our priests or priestesses have said is divine
but what we each know is true beyond illusion
the very core of our being
which is utterly unspeakably beautiful
in all of its passionate yearning
which is the life pulse of the All
the leaning into this uncertain wind
willing to go where no road take them
willing to see beyond what has been prepared before
to break with tradition
only because it no longer makes sense to do so
or never did
as we move out of the old understandings
and into a new conception,
The truth is
moment by moment
the All unfolds
and recreates itself
beyond all imagining
and so centuries old traditions
serve only as a recording of a pathway
but not the way forward.
We can honor the past
by understanding it
realizing that the faces
of Quetzalcoatle
and a host of others
return in this age
to those who can hear them
and learn
that an unbroken thread can move through
and unite
different times
as we let go the notion
that heresy is created by our being willing to consider
that our divinity is within us
like a sovereign right
not subject to someone else's judgement.
You do not need someone to tell you how to go.
Question your traditions
but stay planted in what god-dess gave you
the divinity that is your core being.

Toss out your notions of what is good or bad;
our world is not divided out
the sheep from the goats
the left from the right
but resolves into a unity
and understanding this
we are more ready to grapple with our shadow selves
and bring them into the light of our greater becoming.
-If you have the choice always choose the good-
and forgive yourself and others for any shortcomings
for in the end
they were a means to an end
to learn that your divine nature is within you
always has been.

So this world without end
is ending
so another may begin
so that we may move from duality
to unity
to fold back what we have learned
taking it all with us
discarding nothing
but renewing ourselves
ready to feel the bliss
of our divine nature
beyond petty punishments
beyond limit
and into the Heart
to bring the divine feminine forward
in all of us
a resolving unity
in the midst of great mystery
as wind
and water
and earth
and the fifth element
winds upward into heaven.

As all things pass
and end
all things are renewed.
There is no end
save for beginnings.


ali fatani said...

so true. whoever wrote this, i really appreciate your understanding.

Him said...

You are most welcome, Ali. Many thanks for stopping by (and bravo on finding such an old post).-Parker