Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have no illusions.
I know that our storied past
has been one rough tumble
but damnit
its time.

Time to admit that this is not working was never meant to work.

It was meant to show us that ten thousand years
of paternalism could never
will never
deliver us
the gifted child of our greater becoming.
And yet, we were destined to go through this
and see this
and taste and touch
and know
and become.
But right now I am tired of the old authorities
whose words ring empty in the heart.

The heart begs to be filled
in a way it has not known before this.
It begs the goddess to come forward
a version of goddess that is entirely unbound
from the stamp of paternalism.
Her code is unwinding wildly within you
and me
and her and him and all the others
a damned scandelous revolution is turning
and is moving through a ressonant field.
She is seeking to find her entry
in each of us....
and for men she will show you her sacred bliss
she will renew your inner man
and will remind you that she was always part of your makeup
not something to be afraid of
but to celebrate and bring forward more than just a set of characeristics
but a living indwelling spirit of awareness

She is like a stream that will break open the stony places of your heart
She will cherish all that comes before her
she is the other side of you
or the center of that which emerges in this age.

It is time to let the Goddess come forward.
She is not an abstraction.
Nor theory.
She can be felt inwardly
like a tug on the line
feel into it and see what it brings
where it takes you
will carry you through the dark
through all of your uncertainty
and into the light of knowing.
Trust beyond your hurt
in order to see into this new way of being.
The dark goddesses of the past will subsume to Her
in this age.

It was fated to be this.

The age is ending
and the Great Wheel has come full turn
And so it is time for us to no longer wait
for the authorities to tell us
or religions to make it right for us to feel
we will feel regardless.
The divine is not something that must be approved
for we are each divinely sovereign.
Each of us
and each of us must seek and find that inward dwelling miracle
of our being.

If not in this life
then in others.

For me
the fire burns
and has been with me
and so
it is something I cannot let go of
for it is not something to loosen
like a suit and tie
or shoes at the end of the day.
You can tell by the way my hands look that
She and He seek to dwell within me
not as some androgyne
but as a man who knows Goddess as part of him.
No book published
no authority outside of me
outside of the All
can tell me what I need to know
or hear
or feel.

spreading out like wildness
its great mirror is enough to contain anything you dare imagine
anything you say becomes true
as long as it is true to you
which is why its important to know what you seek
as the gods you create will return the favor
and reinforce those beliefs that underline their contracts....

We move from the horrors of yesterday
understanding that control only breeds division.
When HE is integrated into HER some ancient magic happens
and you become more free.
The path to them is certain
but obscured.
Ask and you shall receive
seek and the door will be opened to you.
You need only believe this
for your belief has enough power to create Gods enshrined for thousands of years
even unto the end of this age.
It is also enough to recreate and recycle
as Hyena medicine laughs atop the heap
teeth gleaming
him/herself a dual singularity created through the lens of our native belief
but useful for recreating in this age.

Just ask.
It can be enough to move mountains.

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