Sunday, December 12, 2010


Encoded within you, within your dna, and from the very bottom to the top of you are those messages from your greater being to your smaller being, expressed in languages which you may not have been used to deciphering, but are there. When I say this I mean your higher self to the most elementary particle making up your physical expression in space and time. Within you are the messages that we were all meant to hear, to understand and then perhaps learn to heed as we reach those places where we simply remove the debris of our being enough to catch the glimmers of the light that pours out from within us and which has been hidden far too long. This message is ancient, and it is like a key, one of many strewn all through nature, literally embedded in the physical matrix of our world. As we make our way through our own individual process of awakening and learning and growing, sometimes we lift these keys out of the sediment of our being or a dream comes in the night or our consciousness shifts enough to allow for some new awareness…..if we can but listen. Currently there are those of us who are waking up to this divine reality, the place where science and mysticism meet, where understanding our physicality is poised to reach new levels if we can but humble ourselves by considering that there is much much more for us to know and that our institutions ought never get in the way of us pushing into new territority cognatively and spiritually. Really, the path for me seems to be the one that includes all of the tools we have available. All of our institutions have something to contribute, but we must be able to discern where the coding goes wrong, and where we can have the eyes to see and the ears to hear when these truths, key-like rise up from the depths of our understanding.

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