Sunday, December 26, 2010

This Is

You can read the words of others
and still not get it
ripening on your vine
your own awakening becomes
waiting for that breeze
of intention
to do its work.

It is not about transcending the self
but peering through the layers
and seeing more is there
and knowing more is there
feeling so surely
that one seeks to find a way to begin removing these clothes

We are petals on a larger flower of being
and this flower of being unfolds endlessly
there is no end to it.

Its less that the ego and self are unimportant
or subsumed into an ocean
but that it always was a part of this vast ocean
and just now you woke up a bit to see that this is so
and this changes you utterly.

No book or teacher or tradition can prepare you for such a thing.
It is a sudden wedding of your attention to the Truth
and from then on your are the intended to the Universe
and your boundless self which seems at first small
but spirals upward
and ressonant
dynamic and changing all others around it with its ripples

Make waves
spread them far and wide
for this ressonant frequency will be felt by others
as you make waves in the vast ocean
as others are awakened by your splashing
and laughter....

Your thought and ego all serve a purpose
but its just the surface.
We will ALL go beyond the surface at some point
just as that fruit will ripen and fall when it is time.
Your intention will fuel its ripening, suredly,
but mysteriously.

This is just the beginning, though,
and much work lies ahead
but its the best possible work
and useful to have a selfless helper who can remind you that you are indeed loved
when love seems to turn in the dark night of the soul.
When you have let go of the need of holding onto shadow
you will be more free to do more than glimpse
but channel the flow of the Cosmic Self
who is boundless.
There is no guru or master who can show you
but they can show you
and ultimately it is the inner master that awakens.

Great gifts abound if we can but say yes to it
and turn from our pain and loss and hurt
and worry over who did us wrong.

When we are free
we can glimpse it
then learn to live in It.
I hope that for all of us that we each find it soon...
its the greatest most confounding gift we can give ourselves.

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