Monday, November 14, 2011

I Don't Care....?

I do not care for what the experts have to say.  They are worn and weathered by ego and hurt.  They spin systems and methods.  Advaita, nonduality.....oh my goodness.  They are touching upon the nerve, but never seem to plumb the world behind the nerve.  Always touching it, happy that they are (me least it is that) but it saddens me when someone writes a book about how to find a guru in an awakening, how to spot someone who has not quite "climbed the mountain."  Even those who have been soul connected, those who have swum in the deeper waters of the Collective Consciousness, know that just by feeling another who we mirror, we can catalyze change and healing, and there is nothing done but simply connecting through the Wave of the All, something that isn't talked about very much, but is I think what a guru will do (think darshan--often called "blessing" a word I learned about recently which I understand to be riding the waveform through connection and other aspects of energetic transfer) You see, when you awaken, and even before, you find things based on what you mirror.  It becomes so crystal clear, so obvious....its an elephant in the room....and its inescapable.  If you have some victim issue, your guru will mirror that and you will come into some kind of tussle or tangle with that...and either you will learn from it or you will deepen the waters of your victimhood.  The world will have proven that its out to get you while you slumber, not realizing that its YOU who are creating this.  You have ultimate responsibility.  Perhaps, in a way, this is the silly illusion they talk about.  Its silly because the illusion is real.  I mean, think about it; what is this energy made up of?  Its CREATIVE.  Even the sexual energy felt in an awakening, its just the bliss of creation flowing through us.  And we are here to create our create and learn from those creations.  Karma has been our ultimate creation in the past.  We are learning, though, the responsibility inherent in creating.  This is being done via free will.   We are free to create heavens or nightmares.  We can choose peace, or strife. Our lives are a reflection of this.  There is no destiny in this, its all subject to an infinity of choices. that creation unfold. The creation is the product of the sum total of your vibration in that moment......your beliefs, your fears, your hopes....all of it.  And through this, we learn.....sadly, though, the level of discourse on this transformative topic has not risen to a level where I feel good about what's going on.  We can do more, we can do better, and a little discussion and sharing of perspective will help add to this stone soup until what we have is something greater than the sum total of its parts.

I prefer simple because the energy is simple.  It can get incredibly complex, but by understanding that you  rest astride a larger consciousness, you can sit back and watch this higher self do incredible work in your life. Like a savant, people do not see you for what you really are.....because they do not realize their own capacities.  Unawakened, they fear for people getting the "wrong" guru or teacher, or they want to point to what is and is not enlightenment, and having ridden the cosmic wave I can say that even the word enlightenment is a troubling thing to even say.  How do you mark the arrival or destination for something that is never ending.....Its like saying you graduated from college....its arbitrary in all truth because now all you have is a little piece of truth and an infinity of learning yet to do.  Its another phase, which is both an ending and a beginning.  You graduate from school and realize you have only just begun to understand.

I prefer the simple things.  This is the kingdom. It was a mustard seed.  Most do not realize what he was talking about, but it all sounded nice, even if it was a mystery to most  He knew what this was about, and it was largely swept under the rug along with the divine feminine.  It is in the book.  But the best way is to be simple, like children.  You know you are in trouble when people start saying what this is and is not....kinda silly when awakening is LIFE.  Who is to say what it is and is not?  Something DOES happen, though, and its profound and powerful; it changes you forever. Fire burns and courses in your veins 24/7 and you ride atop a wave of collective consciousness and this is not easy when you are not refined.  It hurts, its painful, dreadfully so sometimes, until the ego learns to step back some so the feeling self can grab the reins.  Forget intellect and mind.  They cannot nor will EVER grasp this.  All they can do is identify, classify, and make a complicated mess of something that is more like poetry than anything else. So when Ken Wilbur says "a schmuck before awakening, a schmuck after awakening" I cringe.  First, schmuck is what gets tossed after a circumcision, a Yiddish term that has entered our language in a pretty crass sort of way.  And the problem here is that what Wilbur has missed is the extraordinary promise an awakening can have for each and every one of us, the potential for transformation. Not just this, but people are transformed from what they were ( a Wilber "schmuck") to something greater and beautiful; what they were deep down, what they have always been perhaps.  I am not criticizing Wilbur as much as I am trying to bring a new kind of discourse into this; we know very little based on what is being said and written in our current time it seems, and when these folks open their mouths it just brings the bright light of focus.....and I wonder.....what is gained by me putting another light on this of my own?

It makes me want to pull away from it all, to simply let it all go....why do I need to write a book?  Why do I need to help anyone?  Why?  I know why, or I knew why, and this why feels like a boat that once carried a full crew full of concerned souls, and now is just a floating vessel emptied of everything as I abandoned it for slipping into the ocean alone and naked.  It could not be simpler.  I pray to this ocean to take me....and my trust resolves into a deeper and deeper appreciation for its great and wonderous mystery and beauty.

We are this ocean.  This ocean is us.  Everything is connected.  Not just simple platitudes, but deep certain reality.  Everything sings with this marvelous voice, even the pained ones who cry out in their own self imposed dark cells of pity and victimization.  Each so hungry for love, so desirious for it, yet so punishing and hard.  And I ask why I even need to say anything about what IS and is not enlightenment.  Lets forget that and remember what it is to love.  For this, dear reader, is the one thing we need so badly that its enough that you run from the moment in order to discover its presence inside of you, a dark pulsation so utterly simple....

Maybe it was never meant to be talked about, but experienced.  Maybe we have everything we need.  Maybe we CAN bring awareness to others through the power of the Waveform Awareness, which is Collective Consciousness.  This is how we connect to that endless ocean.  We, a particle like a photon, discovers how it is entangled with the All and can feel the All inside of its seemingly finite body...knowing itself to be infinite and able to feel everyone around it....and feel the pulse of all life rising up within it....and so through others sometimes we learn something that eluded us, and so we can learn directly...and maybe if we are to learn from the other perhaps it is through this direct cognition that is the Waveform Awareness, the infinite, the universe inside of us. Perhaps this is how we need to learn, silently and with a prayerful purpose.  The man who spoke of the kingdom also said in a gospel that was hidden and then buried in NAg Hammadi Egypt that he bore a fire and was himself fanning its flames until the whole world would catch its fire.  This fire is the fire of awakening, of kundalini.  Sadly, we have lost a lot of what was taught from the man, because what the scrolls have given us and what some insightful scholars have been able to tease out from his Aramaic (not Greek as the documents accepted were written in) that there was probably a good deal of mistranslation. Maybe they weren't ready then and maybe they aren't ready now?   But maybe we do not need the teaching since people are waking up without benefit of ANY meditation or diet or nadi cleansing or any of that.  Perhaps only because the wave of the collective is growing, building in potential, like the flame Jesus was talking about.....

Its a fire, its an ocean, its a mystery.

So with the innocence of children, the freshness of their hearts and minds, let us forgive and let go what has come before.  Let us in this moment just let it all go within us.  None of it matters.  There is an infinity waiting.  Its more than we could ever dare dream.  Here, we can play and watch as we create and realize what the ramifications are of those creations.....

Goodnight, and heal well, Wilbur.

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