Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Example Of Manifesting

Very recently, the glass studio has been reopened after four months of it being shuttered.I have been involved in glassblowing now for the last fifteen years professionally and very recently between an injury, some economic upset and a divorce and a full blown awakening, this has made running the studio difficult at best.  As I have begun to get it back online and operational, this has corresponded with a class that I recently offered to some people interested in learning how to blow glass.  In the run up to this I thought how nice it would be if i could have music in the studio. I thought that it might be nice to have some weekends at the studio where we have musicians offering a few special events where people could gather.  Since the studio is a large 3200 square foot space, this seemed like it could be a good fit....I just didn't know how it might take place.  I also thought how nice it would be just to have some music to help clear the cobwebs in the space.  Good vibrations and all that.

So it was so very interesting to find that on the evening of the first class that I would get a call from an old friend who had been in the studio a couple of years ago who was on his way up from Florida to do a gig at a local music house in a nearby county. He was calling to ask if his friends could crash at the studio.  They showed up a few hours later and after getting situated, they began whipping out their instruments and played for a few hours.  It was great!  Perfect, I thought.  My wish manifest.  In perfect timing.  Then, without any prodding from me some of the guys from the band looked around and remarked "You know, this is a perfect space for doing a private party....."  and thus the idea of having a music event in the studio emerged quite innocently all on its own as I sat back and smiled at how all of this was taking place so perfectly.  How it all turns out will be up to the universe.  If it is to be, it will be.

So to share  a little of the magic of manifestation, here is a little of their music on that night.  The band is called The Funky Seeds....Enjoy!

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