Monday, September 3, 2012

To Thine Own

Whatever you are, whoever you are or will be, it is perfect.  The great sea of consciousness is so vast, you will always fit perfectly under its broad sweep of sky.  Its love is so perfect, no matter what you become will be cherished.  Even when you feel lost.  Or not living up to your potential.  For the divine has always been this.  Its awareness is the essence of love....a love that supports all unconditionally.  It is the sighing of the wind, the crack of thunder, the longing for love, the absent of it.  Even in its absence it dwells.  Its so awesome, you see, that whatever world you create around it, it is....and yet, it will be more. It can be your very best teacher.  It dwells in you.

I have to tell you, though, I am very glad that I do not get into the methodologies, traditions, all the rest.  Looking at a publisher, I came across a blog for nonduality.  It was discussing how one group takes one stance while another takes a different stance.  It all seems kind of silly to me.  Maybe its my lone wolf-ness. I like seeing out through my eyes and following my own guidance.  For in us is what we most need to see and to know.  And in not seeing it, we will draw it to us as needed.  I think its important to be true to yourself, and unlock the great wonder that is inside of you.  It truly is worth it.

So sit back.  Look inside.  Feel the universe unfolding.  In you, outside you.  Everything connected.  Perfect. 

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