Sunday, September 1, 2013

Secret Dailogues II

The world is alive.  All of it. 

I know....I can feel it, yes, what can you tell me about it?

The very energy that holds everything together, that keeps everything so ordered seems to be just this static kind of energy.  Many on your planet see it as JUST energy.  But that energy is itself a multifaceted expression of a myriad of other energies that make up the entirety of existence.  All energy is conscious even if you do not have a way to measure this.  The level of complexity is truly mind boggling.  To glimpse it is to appreciate the great work that was made to create everything that you know....

How did things get to a place where they were created?

The idea of the big bang or the burst of creation comes close, but in truth, the moment of creation never really happened, not in the way you think of it.  Instead, it is more as though the creation unfolded as all of our own awareness unfolded or became increasingly more and more aware.  The very pulse of being that is the Creator chose to reside within all things but it also chose freewill, so while the creator is there, it is also silent and watches.  It observes everything.  This is why it is said that it knows of every sparrow that falls from the sky.  Instead of directing creation, it gave freedom, freewill.  It knew that if it held on to individuality as its own, the creation could stagnate into madness.  In a very real way, the creation was thus an idea, an idea with such close ties to pure essential creativity that it bore the means to recreate itself and become far more than what the creator could itself even conceive, or believe, was possible.  The arrangement worked out very well, for the creator was increased by this in incredible ways.  Living within all things silently, it was increased as each increase took place.  It grew right along with creation.  Thus the nature of creativity is completely open-ended and without limit. 

The creation was itself a pulse of awareness that took up shop inside of all things.  The idea that matter is dead or not conscious is entirely without merit.  You simply have not been able to view with the right set of eyes to see into the atom and realize that it is conscious in its own way, that there is a current of consciousness and presence which is exactly what is animating the atom or any other things for that matter.  It isn't that this process is magical, it is in truth entirely supported by fact and natural laws.  But you do not know all of these laws and how they work.  Your planet is trying, but there is a lot more yet to understand or grasp.  Science is fast reaching the point where it will face the irrefutable evidence that nothing is by accident and that there is an underlying force that is conscious and in its own way, aware. 

This awareness has the power to animate matter.  All of this, though, goes forward according to a set of rules or design requirements, for lack of a better word.  If you are stuck in the materialistic model which is most widely held at the moment on your planet, then you are stuck looking at dead matter and where the entry point is for life.  Only then can life be a random series of events entirely by chance that brought about the creation of some simple form of life.  This is most often explained in a telling way.  it is most often suggested that lightening, when mixed with certain chemistry, that life is formed. Forget, though, that this would then place life creation entirely within the hands of mere mortals.  A flash of lightening.  Sounds telling; I can say that there is indeed a flash of something, but it comes from within instead of merely through this seemingly dead matter your scientists see or believe is all there is.

All of this puts experiencing aspects of the creation within your own grasp here and now.  There is no device currently able to capture the entirety of the creative pulse, although there are devices that can measure the results of that force such as life force and the energies that arise from life force being present.  Your own consciousness is uniquely suited to see into this realm of energy and become the ultimate telescope or microscope.  All of this is entirely possible and will require individuals who can set aside old notions of what an acceptable apparatus is for viewing the world.  That time is fast approaching and you can now observe this seemingly invisible world which is all around you right now. You can glimpse it in your own life and the lives of others.  You can also see how people block the energy and how some allow it.  These abilities are entirely within the realm of your inner senses right now and have been used for millions of years by you and by cousins of the human race. 

Doing this, though, requires you to feel and to not doubt what you feel.  You are yourself just as much a product of this creation as anything else, so within you is the means to relate to all of this at a deep root level.  Don't be afraid to do it because it can help bring you to new levels of fulfillment and challenge on a collective and individual level.  

So is all of this a projection of consciousness?

Ask what is real.  Ask yourself this and ponder it, feel deep into it.  What is real?  What is the stuff of reality?  How did it get here?  If it comes from consciousness, then how does that come to be?  Is it illusory?  And if so, then why is that so?  What purpose does it serve?  The answer is that it serves many  purposes.  Consciousness is turning itself inside out and making itself into myriad things...endless forms and things.  They all seem entirely real.  They are.  They are a creation.  Unlike illusions, a creation has a purpose beyond merely teaching you something.  A creation has a life of its own, too.  This, you see, is how the vast profusion took place in reality and is a stamp of all other forms of life....a drive to complete masterworks.  There are of course levels and layers to all of this.  Orders of magnitude.  Some part of you agrees to fall asleep and dream this, and for a time, this is all that is real.  Until you awaken.  As you do, you remember what you were before all of this started.  So what is the point?  The point is to ask the question.  The answer will always be there for you, supporting you unquestionably.  But the question is what nags and eats and grasps you.  Here is where creation becomes something more than was bargained for....even for an all-seeing Creator or All That Is (especially that!) !

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