Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Tantrics

What is often not understood is how sexuality can itself lead to salvation.  For lifetimes, for centuries, we have felt such shame surrounding this part of ourselves. And yet, like a great secret buried in what seem to be the most shameful parts of ourselves, lies an answer to what we are, who we are, and what we can become.  Here, sexuality in awakening can begin to clear a path quickly within the self and Pranamayakosha, the Light body so that lifetimes of old shame is sloughed off.  Karma slips away. It is like an epiphany when just one karmic knot slips away.  As the knots lessen the flow increases and what was once strong flow becomes a clearer flow.  What is an incredible desire and yearning grows into an incandescent fire that is both hot and cold at once.  The body is lit up for hours and hours, days, weeks, months at a time.  Slowly the self learns that its natural state is in bliss not in the seemingly grounding sense of being separate and singular.  With awakening to this great power residing within, one knows oneself as connected into all other things, a nodule on one rung of the great cosmic dna of the cosmos.  The flow of this energy within is also the flow of this energy in all things.  It is the force that connects and binds all things.  And it is orgasmic.  Beyond orgasmic.  To be able to allow its energy to flow within we learn surrender so deep there's nothing there to catch the current, nothing to limit it or impede it.  Anything that catches the current causes a great deal of turbulence and trouble.  This would be something brought about by maya. 

A spark of the divine is lit and burns, tended by the one who moves with it.  So hypnotic, so beautiful, so incredible, what was once sexual becomes the basis of worship.  A man's love, then, for a woman, moves from being mere interest or attraction to something so all pervading and consuming that it illuminates the opposites all through nature in brilliant relief.  These opposites become forces within the psyche that churn and move the old latent material of the self, spitting out old splinters, coughing up stones and bile and clarifying the body and soul even more.  The self becomes a channel, a pathway for the divine spark....the fuel comes from the universe and is without end.

For those who awaken to this depth of illumination something changes in them forever. Instead of sexual energy making them obsessed, they become saintly.  Holding this incandescence within in grace and silence is the greatest of grace, the most sublime of pursuits.  And for as incredible as all of this sounds, every single one who has been touched by this is as human and as down to earth as anyone else you might meet. Perhaps because of this, these can appreciate the need for getting hands dirty, for making food, for building fences, for mending paths and growing gardens.  Acceptance, surrender, and love, resides in the moment, as each moment serves a purpose.  A tantric is never bored.

The more one touches the divine, the greater the bliss.  The less one is able to know or observe a division between the worshiper and the worshipped. When in tantric practice a tantric is not just reading the Other's mind, s/he IS the others' mind.  Over vast distances, one may feel and know even more intimately than when in conjugal union with the other.  One's gaze becomes powerful as it can be as strong as ones desire to be near.  The beam of attention can be known as traveling as light travels into the body through the eye.  Currents of awareness become like extended sensory organisms, nerve endings that extend one's reach and knowing. A touch is an earthquake, a smile a summer breeze, a whisper the rolling of thunder. One becomes more than merely human and touches upon the capacities within the self to know and to become, to evolve, to embody this.  Tantra reveals the capacity of the self to know and to become.  One may be spellbound for days, resting in this union of two souls separated by miles or continents.  Some can be separated by death and still connect on the deepest of levels. When one soul looks into another, when both are aware of no duality existing between them and the infinite, the souls who touch in this way realize a point of sacredness, of worship, of deep devotional practice that abides moment by moment like a prayer upon ones lips.  Beyond obsession, it is  bhakti. 

The yoke is easy, the labor rewarding.  This path dissolves shame and returns one to the origin; the fabled garden of Eden.  No longer cast out, the way back is realized.  The division we have long felt is erased, god and goddess reside here in all things.  The love within is total.

I raise my hand and I feel Shiva raising his hand before Shakti; his presence moves all through her and a current of white energy flows through them both.  This, the sea of milk is churned by their mutual affection into a more refined material, the sacred ghee.  All of this, stories, clothing to drape over that which is not but that is known and felt and which fills the gap of each moment and glues everything together.  It is a great nothingness that is something, everything, a potential waiting to be. 
The sword of the soul shall in its own time shear from itself that which does not belong and call to itself all that serves the highest.  Until then, bliss turns and sways within us in countless nights and days as we each learn to anchor heaven to earth. 

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