Friday, July 9, 2010

Full Turn

We are here
full of knowing
that we are about to enter a new cycle
a new era
we just can't seem to figure out
what it means.

Every ending has been met with a beginning
every death
a step into life
every loss
the greatest of gains.
We wont ever deny the magical side of our beings
as the ancients step forward and speak
with new voices
as we make discoveries
the past was lived differently than it was writ
and we will all gasp in mock surprise
as the ancient codex reveals
the glimmer in your eyes.

So little surprise
that Isis, Quetzalcoatle, White Buffalo Calf Woman
Thunder Bird, Osiris
all return in visions and dreams
the ancient forms
we created
and infused
with our own life giving essence.
They are we as we are they....
so now they return for the shift
of Integration that happens during these large scale events.
This is the Great Wheel coming full turn.

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