Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shame on you
you dry canals
you fearers of truth
you forbid the very essence of divinity
whilst in the same sentence condemned
and hid
the truth
of our greater being.

Some books
Long since the Master
had come and gone.
Who made you the expert on the divine cosmic
you whose waters were imaginary
entirely fabricated
and guessed?
fearsome of the wholesome truth of your being
you stripped a promising tradition
of its true power
and sent the Master's words into oblivion.

You hid half the divine under a bushel
she is just now emerging
for it is time.
Your high morality
showed at least
that belief
has its own power
which is why we must be careful of the gods we choose
for they will reinforce each other.
The imagination is just that powerful
all the more reason not to go astray.

Today the tide begins to turn.
Time to move with the tides.
Your centuries of hate and killing is enough.
Your power was entwined with hate
and your hands are bloodied,
hands that belong to each of us assuredly.
It is time to step aside
catch your breath
and consider there is another way.
Let the master in all of us step forward now
for it is time.
Time to learn that what was held heretical
is now suddenly sacred.
Back to what it once was.

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