Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Divine Feminine

Centuries, millenia ago, there was a tide of paternalism.  It didn't happen all at once, but happened here and one country or region a tribe would begin to adopt a polarized position in regards to their gods and goddesses.  It mirrored a move towards a more linear reasoning sense of being, a desire to gain control over nature, a weird twist that happened in our becoming where we went from working with all of nature, of literally communing with it on a deep level energetically (we swam through currents of special lines of awareness in dream and meditation just as we swam through rivers to get to new land while awake) to distrusting nature and pitting ourselves against it. Because the feminine was seen as being aligned with nature, men literally made themselves an enemy with the feminine, and priestesses and seeresses began to go extinct. 

So polarized, and so strong did the masculine energy become in the human consciousness that the two which were one began to seem different, separate instead of being the compliments which they always had been before all of this (and it was biologically imperative for there to be parity for the survival of the tribe and family).  Even women were themselves more masculine as they were raised in an ever broadening sense of linearity, individual consciousness, as it was pitted against nature, which was seen as dark, mysterious, full of strange urges and scary monstrous animals that would leap out at night to eat, destroy, and terrorize.  Instead of understanding nature by communing with it as they had had at deeper levels,  nature was to be controlled or gained dominion over. Our religious books and stories reflected this idea that all of nature should be dominated, controlled. Anything that was not predictable would become a target for a need for control.  We see this in our world today where elements of freedom that result in unpredicatable behavior are increasingly more and more controlled and monitored.  When in the book of Genesis human beings were given dominion over the earth, it was the masculine exerting its control over the body of the feminine. The feminine was to be used, focused, and as a result, was not a sacred thing, but an object of ownership.  Within this world women had no rights.  No rights for bettering themselves such as education, since women were seen as not having the mental faculties to do well in advanced learning.  Efforts were made to downgrade the feminine on just about every front.  What kind of effect does this have on a population? Women were not afforded the right to own land.  A woman had to marry if she wanted to keep her land, otherwise the feudal lords of Europe would take it.  Women did not vote.  Women were very much treated like stock that was allowed to live in the home instead of a stable or barn. The move to create a deepening rift of separation was well underway and hit at different places at different times but grew into a tide that resulted in what we have today.  And as this tide seems to be at its zenith, we are seeing a change underway where all of our development is affording some room for change.  Its a fascinating shift that is happening, and very hopeful for us not just for the female population, but for ALL people because this signals a deeper reverence for the feminine in the world in general, and this means that we will revere Her within ourselves, and we need this force within because it is the feminine that is the healing force in consciousness. 

As this tide of paternalism happened, our religions reflected the change.  The feminine, which was seen as being earthly, was driven underground.  Woman was the portion take from the male in order to BE.  It was woman who took the fruit and tempted Adam with it.  It was woman who looked back and became that pillar of salt.  Jesus's consort was a prostitute (Magdeline), even though the church admitted centuries later that she was not a prostitute.  Still, the damage had been done, and woman lost any hope for any real standing within the institution of the Christian Church.  Same for the Hindu faith, and same for the Muslim faith as well, even though everyone wants to say how much they honor and revere women in their culture....  The focus began to grow towards the heavens into some other world where the masculine resided.  Priestesses of Greece were themselves deep in the earth, connected to underground waterways and the mysterious nature of the earth as the eternal void, the womb of possibility waiting to be filled, primed with the spark of divine energetics.  Quite suddenly, the Gods, the male gods, were pushed farther from the earth and began to reside outside our world while the feminine went underground.  One existed in the sky, another existed in the earth.  We can see this in Greek myths as well as Native American ones.  The Thunder Beings would strike the earth with its pulse of energy, purifying and replenishing it with rain. Sadly, however, Christianity pushed the feminine further out.  When it came to Jesus discussing elements of the feminine in terms of spirituality, it was pushed underground, hidden.  Some of these elements would reemerge with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi in Egypt.  What was not convenient for the time, such as recognizing the parity that the female had spirituality with men, was cast out.  Instead, forged documents were allowed in, one by Peter, another by Paul.  Why?  The men who made up the Nicean Council (and who selected the books of the Bible and rejected others) were not interest in the truth, but what they thought they knew was the truth (there is ample examples of this arising in forged documents due to someone's over zealous desire to put their stamp of belief upon the doctrine by creating a letter or gospel that had specific elements within it that the author believed was important to consider or believe).  For as much as Christians think how inviolate and perfect the bible is, its a hostorical document that was chosen based on what was out there, true or not, forged or original, selected to suite a view these men had three hundred and fifty years after the death of Jesus.  The fact remains that there were many other books that just so happen to follow a better understanding of the nature of divine awakening that were all slipped under the rug and hidden (and these involve the role that the feminine has to play in consciousness).  340 years is a long time for loads of documents to spring up that have distortions or even fraudulent material included in them.  Based on the scholarly study of these documents, its clear that some books in the New Testament are themselves fraudulent, were known to be fraudulent in their day yet were kept in the bible.


Christians are not taught about any of this by their pastors or priests because a schism happened somewhere between the seminary and the pulpit.  We all want our religions to be "right" and people will ignore all kinds of facts to make this so.  What happens is that we fashion something as we have always fashioned it; out of fantasy and magic.  This is fine, because religion always points to a higher truth, but when seeking to purport the events of something that happened in the physical world, this is where it just aint so.  For those who want to know more about these problems you should buy and read Bart Ehrman's powerful and well researched book Jesus Interrupted.  This work helps to show, from a scholarly perspective, what we have known about the books of the New Testament for ages, but that have not trickled down to the laity. 

All of this resulted in the God being relegated to the clouds and the Goddess sunk beneath the waves, hidden in the caverns of the earth.  What happened?  Was it not convenient to have the feminine present in our world?  What was it that made people feel like women were somehow inferior or not to be trusted?  Is it possible that men did not have a way to learn to trust their own wild and intuitive, even uncontrolled natures?  Our two most precious portions of our being, our divine natures, were divided.  Why?  They were divided in our world and they were divided within each person. Listening to the intuition was tantamount to madness in a paternalistic world.  This could not be!  You have to cite sources, not speak from your own experience....why that might be thinking for yourself!  And if you look around, you see the marks of this and what it has done to our perspective throughout our culture.  You see how we have to rely upon others for the authority of truth instead of looking within to discern the truth.  I can remember being in an art history class years ago and the PhD was showing ceramics from South America. Knowing very little about Asian work, I remarked how Asian the work looked.  I then looked at the figures, and they all looked Asian. The professor exclaimed saying that there is NO evidence whatsoever of any Asian influence.  All of the authorities could not point to any influence along these lines.  I sat there and explained that you don't need proof; its so obviously present in the work that anyone could see it.  Even he could, but he refused to admit the similarity.  Because there were no primary sources that suggested a possible link, no one bothered to mention the obvious.  Unfortunately, this leads to a one-sided way of being and seeing.

In this age, though, we are seeing women afforded the rights and freedoms she has long needed.  No longer treated like cattle, like objects - a pretty urn of gold - woman is now emerging in our world with ever greater freedom to BE.  And as this happens, something marvelous takes place; we all begin to recognize the importance of the feminine in our own insides.  Is it possible that the greatest revolution in consciousness will be the emergence of those aspects of ourselves within men and women both that are considered feminine?  I think so.  Every single thing points to it, and its hopeful.  Each man need not be afraid of his inner woman for she will help him know how to connect even more intimately with the woman he loves.  And the same is true for a woman.  Her own masculine nature will help her relate to and connect with her masculine counterpart.  And as the feminine bubbles up in each person, a divine alchemy take s place, a long desired, needed, magic beings to turn in the race.  We all, in dream, find ourselves gathering before giant fires where we dance and turn and sway as the currents that wer man and woman move round and round like giant magnetic belts of energy that brings us within knowing and into mystery as we merge with the divine in total and individualy.  Here, in these places deep within, we begin to bring out those things that we have all longed for.  As we do this, latent ability within the species begin to come to the fore.  Those of us ready for the change show up in perfect timing and become the channels by which a new way of being can be birthed as we reemerge into a world where human and nature are no longer at odds but come back into that ancient alignment which we knew so long ago.... the one which we crave where we and the animals were not enemies or at odds but part of a dynamic relationship.....

It is time to begin in each moment to pray Her into the world.  Encourage her, seek Her, love Her, adore and Worship Her.  Time.  Time.  Time.......

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