Wednesday, August 17, 2011


For those who might wonder or doubt that we are more than what we seem, I will offer you one very simple experiment to try.

We are awash in energy.  We are soaking it up all the time, and being effected by it on subtle levels.  This exercise will help you to understand that we do not need to communicate through the usual senses but through the language of energetic exchange. 

Find someone that you know who will be willing to join in this experiment with you.  For it to work the best, do not tell your friend what it is you are doing.  You could say that you are attempting to find out about how their own awareness is able to pick up on inner commands from others.  This would be true, but it would not reveal exactly what the experiment will entail.

Have your friend stand beside you and slightly in front of you.  Place your hand against their hand in such a way that you can sense their strength.  You will need to have your friend lift up their hand at their side not in front of them, but to their side.  this way, you can place your hand over their hand to test their strength.  The first time that you do this, you will simply be registering how strong they are.  Have them lift up as forcefully as they can.  This should not take a long period of time, but a matter of a few seconds.  You are holding their hand down in order to gauge their strength.  Once you have done this, give your friend a few moments to recover their strength.  While you give them this opportunity, I want you to stand with your hand behind your friend and use your thumb to point downward.  As you do this, think how they are getting very weak.  FEEL how you are drawing down their strength, making them weak, or asking their body to show how it can hear your thoughts by being weak instead of strong.  Then, once you have done this in a way where you feel like its been communicated well, test your friend's strength and gauge it against the first test.  After this, you can then test again with your thumb pointing up behind their back and thinking how much stronger they will be.  Align your hand along their spine and with your thumb pointing upwards, think how their energy is increasing.  Then test their strength again and compare with the other two tests.

When you are doing this test, you can stand on your friend's left side but slightly to the back of them.  As you do this your hands can be free to hold down their hand as well as having a hand free that points up or down so that you friend cannot see you doing this. 

Let me know what you find.  You may have to try this a few times.  The clearer you are in your own mind about what it is you are doing, I think the clearer your results will be. 

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