Saturday, August 13, 2011

Everpresent Nondual Awareness

This, they say, is enlightenment.  I don't know what enlightenment is probably because it sounds so much like a destination, and nothing about any of this feels like a destination.  Without a real understanding of what enlightenment might be, I tend to feel like the word simply confuses rather than enlightens.  I know illumination, and I think many people are this.  But enlightenment.....if this is an everpresent nondual awareness, then I am enlightened.  And I have to ask; and so?

We are humans in this world of the walking wounded.  We have karma to untangle, and the world to love.  Moving out of the tangled barbs of our own making, or all the finger pointing and all of the recrimination, everything resolves into one simple truth; somewhere along the line we had some rift in our souls or selves and we brought it into the physical in order to heal it, fix it, or to accept it as it is and then learn to move on in a more wonderfilled way.  Awakening, this experience of nonduality, is part of the process I think.  It is a form of liberation from the shackles of what went before.  The thing  though is that we can still have other less binding or obvious issues within this process is ever-continual, ever changing, and growing in dimension.  In one simple moment the universe can open up wide and in that moment you may wonder why, what for, what to do.  And I say that it isn't that you do nothing. I say its showing you your dual nature as particle self to wave self.  Particle is the bubble that defined your awareness wince you were born.  Finite, bounded within the bubble of you, you could not hear others' thoughts or feel their feelings.  You were neatly contained within your body. Individual. But the wave connected you to the rest of the cosmos, wedded you to a special aspect of yourself that allowed you to also blend into the Allness of creation and quite suddenly you DO feel others' feelings, or hear their thoughts.  Suddenly a trap door opens within you and some new things ruse to the surface of the waters beneath that trap door.  But its not a trap.  Its a way to freedom. Wave Awareness.  And you move from partical and wave with ease when you become safe within this experience.

Everpresent nondual awareness.  An awakening brings this, and in you, it will work with you in dealing with your inner material but your ego self will have control if you let it.  By letting go more and more, the authentic self moves forward and there is less to do as this self knows that instead of moving the universe ourselves as little beings we can use our awareness in the waveform to move mountains. When we are one with the wave of the universe, this is how it can be done.  The universe is suddenly behind you.  Belief determines whether you succeed or not.  Belief is required.  It opens the door.  Feel it in totality, and then the universe will align to you.  Its already aligning to your beliefs.  If you change them, so does your experience.

Practice Element
Healing the Root

One powerful way of healing the root chakra is to place one hand on your heart and the other on your root, or near your genitals.  You might feel one hand will flow into the root from the heart better than another, and if this is so, follow your instinct.  My right hand is the sending hand while my left hand is the receiver, so when I do this simple exercise, I place my left hand on my heart chakra and my right on the root.  Imagine your chakra breathing in the energy from your heart.  Feel into this and do this for at least 15 minutes.  You need not have a thunder clap experience since most of this is a gentle feeling of healing. You may also feel as though something is moving around.  If so, ask what is moving to leave.  Imagine it being rooted out and slipping away from your field.  It no longer has a place in your field. By breathing deep and exhaling deep and fast while focused on the root, you can help to bring new energy into that place.  You can also shake or move while doing this, and movement can help dislodge old material in the energy field.  The secret is to FEEL the movement as coming from your core, not from the outside inward.

Practice Element
Healing the Root #2

Another good way to heal a chakra is to draw that chakra into the heart chakra.  Concentrate on the chakra that you wish to heal and as you breathe in, imagine the energy drawing up or down into the heart. Imagine that chakra energy as like a thread or line of fluid in a tube that you draw upwards (or down depending on what chakra) through just the force of your breath.  As you draw this energy into the heart, you create a cohesion, a balance and grounding as well as healing of that center.  The root and heart have an interesting energetic dynamic.  They are each oppositely charged, so your energy will tend to flow upwards into the heart if you let it. The more you are able to release, the more broad the healing effect is for you.  Imagine the energy from root moving into the heart and then flowing into the root again.  This creates a renewed energy balanced by the divine heart field. This is the core of love and compassion, and even if you don't know what you are doing or wanting to do, with simple intention, you can still achieve results.

By doing this, you effect a change in your field by intentionally drawing upward the sexual energy into the heart.  When you can balance the root with the heart, there is a more balanced effect, a more balance alchemy.  From there, the third tier of awareness can be brought into it, which is the crown, but by keeping the focus on the root via the heart, you can keep the energy simple and straight forward.  Your heart can transmute the energy from the root and feed back into it a very good divine energy. It can also begin the process of bringing greater awareness into the root, the foundation of our experience, the base from which kundalini springs.  By drawing this up into our heart, a powerful form of bliss can be experienced, and a subtle but powerful inner alchemy can be catalyzed.  Performing this daily over a period of a few weeks can help move or shift your awareness in a significant way.  It can also bring you closer to a more healed place.

What is behind most meditation practices is a simple calming of the mind.  When you do this, you can begin to allow the Waveform to come forward more.  All methods help you to feel differently.  If you can achieve this, then it doesn't matter what method you use, even one that is fashioned on your own.  When you realize that all any yogi ever did was to crete something that worked for them and then handed it down as it was continually changed and improved upon, the result has always been the same; creating something that helps you to feel differently.   This truly is all that you need.  There is nothing special in the half lotus or full lotus except that many people have used it.  It CAN connect you to the field of broader awareness that others have touched, but this is just the beginning.  The broad field is within you, so all you do is to use this posture as a catalyst.  You have within you the means to awaken, and when you do, you will not need a spcial posture or even breath. You will learn that breath, true breath, is the respiration of the soul, and this is a moment by moment taking in of cosmic energy.  While your own breathing physically can help to bring in more energy, you can in fact bring in huge amounts of high level energy in a powerful way through a simple act of intentional letting go and opening within.  Oddly, for me, I have found that I can bring in large amounts of energy by washing or immersing my hands in water.  Warm seems best. The thing is that just about anything can help you to feel differently.  For you, it might be something different than me.  I can also open energy in all parts of my body by a type of flexing and rubbing of my hands, which will bring chills all through my body, all through my meridians sometimes.  I can also do this through intent, which is seeking to feel differently.  Seeking to flow instead of getting trapped in a mental state that is both rigid and linear.  By flowing nonlinearly, I don't know what to do next but everything that happens always makes sense and works out in the end.  By trusting, intention can bring me to a new place.  I suspect it can work this way for you.

If you need a system, make one that works for you, or fashion one from others based on how ti makes you feel.  Release expectation and open to feeling as you feel into how the technique makes you feel.  if you feel good, stick wtih the good.  If you feel tight or hard, move away from that.  What will make you flow? Your own inner sensuality will help.  It knows.  It is nonlinear and it is not rigid.  Tapping this is uncommon for many who have grown up in certain faiths because inner sensuality is often tantamount to physical pleasure that is seen as of the flesh and thus bad.  Because flesh is built from this same sensual consciousness, it too is miraculous and wonderful.  There is nothing sinful or bad about it.  the only thing bad about it is that we have been taught to feel badly about it.  Through it, we can enter into our higher consciousness, regardless of what some might say.  Release your idea that the body is somehow bad.  It isn't.  And neither is your desire.  It will lead you in tantric fashion to your divine nature.

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