Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fortunate Teller

When you gaze downward as she looks at your hand, when you sit with your eyes off to the side as he looks at your aura, or as you sit on the other end of the phone waiting for answers to come out of the ether for the sensitive or psychic on the other end of the line, it would be nice to know that you were just looking for answers to life's most vexing problems, but you weren't.

When you go to the temple and pray, you aren't asking for the world to be delivered, nor are you wanting peace on earth.  You might ask for this because you feel its your duty to do so, and maybe you care about peace, but what really is at the core of all of this is something entirely different.

We want to know there is something more beyond what we see.  Captured as we are by Particle Awareness, we are like 6.5 billion soap bubbles that wont pop.  Inside is all that we are, but something inside of what we are whispers to us that we are much more, that there is something much more and somehow it seems this lays outside of us.  Except it doesn't.  Its as much us as anything else is.  It has been the beginning and end of my journey here, and it will occupy all journies for me, I know.  For me, there is nothing else as important as this one thing, and it animates every single person on the planet and it is currently beckoning from deep within you in a way you could not even begin to imagine, save experience directly.  This is a force that holds everything together, and it expands everything into a whole new constellation.  It brings worlds into being and it also brings them to their conclusion. It is the very essence of creation and Oneness.  It is the font from which we drink deeply and never seem able to get enough.  This is love.

We have love for others, love for things, and any number of other experiences related to what we feel we love.  There is, though, a love that will encompass you if you let it, will seep in all around you and take you to its home.  It will show you a new way of being and feeling.  It will make you turn red in the face and you wont know how to control its passion as it moves all through you. it will open doors in you as you feel entire rooms of your being opened up by this love.  this love is a dizzying pulse that is unlike any other love you have felt, for its less a feeling you feel in your heart or head as it is a pulsation that moves from universe to universe, that is so simple and small yet so huge, as it spirals out and into all known and unknown worlds.

I know that sounds grandiose, but it is.  Its grandiose because its true.  This is not something that can be understood, but experienced, and it is the wish of everything that Is to feel its presence.  Once you have done this, you are a goner.  You can never be the same again.  You have, like I described in my book, awakened one day speaking martian. But the language is beautiful, and it will take you to new levels of understanding if you let it.  It will peel away all your layers, sometimes painfully, but always compassionately.  You will be asked to stand naked before All, and when you do, there will only be one things remaining in you, and it will be love.

To know it is to embrace it with a simplicity and directness.  This is in everything, and it can be in you, too.  In fact, it IS in you, and if you can trip the switch that turns an awakening from a chance encounter with the cosmic into something more enduring, you will see how this is all about remembering what you have always been.  Its like a lover coming up to you whom you have not seen in your entirety of lifetimes who is suddenly there, her everything reminding you of some ancient promise we have all sought to keep.  In that moment, it will be as though worlds rush through you as the origin lands you in the place where it all began.  And when you feel that beginning, it will be like a hoop whose end starts at the beginning of itself, and you might well feel a unity of being and connectedness to your life and the lost pages of your past in a way that makes you smile, for you now do not need someone to tell you if you will be rich, or if you will live on another planet in a life in the future, or if you can talk to your long lost father or grandmother, or if the lines on your hand spell fortune or great insight.  In that moment, there will be just what you had been looking for.  It will be love.  Perfectly crafted from the One from which we have all come from and to which we all aspire, and seek to find in each other.

There are a number of ways to awaken.  The first is with intention.  Is it in you to seek this?  If it is, it will build all around you.  I was just watching a movie with Jim Carrey in it called the Truman Show. Not so long ago, Jim had an awakening experience, and when I look at the work he has done recently, I see these elements alive in his work before the awakening happened.  In the Truman show, things are not quite what they seem.  It turns out that the True-man is entirely fooled by what he thinks he sees all around him.  He slowly begins to realize that there is something more out there, and sets about to find it.  Maybe life feels that way to you sometimes.  I know when I was young I had this feeling as though this was all some kind of play or set-up....and I have found others who had the exact same notion as kids.  Its not so unusual as we might think because it all points to this sense that there is something more than just this.  Neo in those very violent Matrix movies wakes up to find his old world was not what he thought it was.  Sadly, though, the real world for him was more like a nightmare than a saving grace.  I suppose, though, that we can choose how we see it, even though it has infinite potential and will be like putty in our hands if we but let it resolve into what is best for us. The single best way to awaken is to learn to let go.  Something inside of you lets go, and then slowly, it is seduced into the fires of transformation like some ancient rite of passage.  Some of the flames can hurt, but only because whatever it was you were wearing was not compatible with the flames....

Let go of something simple, easy, but it needs to be real.  Let go of some old guilt or hurt that you piled onto yourself.  Perhaps a confession will help, and it might just be that you can confess to someone who is a neutral party.   Make it count. The release might just lighten your being enough to let a stream of energy move through you that helps to establish that flow. Tell someone how you feel that you have been holding back on for years.  or maybe when you were little you blamed your sister for something that she did not do.  Do something that will lighten your load a little, and then go out and smell the sweet air and feel how this makes you feel different. And if that does not do it, a simple focus on the third eye while breathing deeply and imagining a deep energy rising up into the third eye, drawn up through your attention to the third eye.  If that doesn't work,  ask  your soul simply and directly to show you the way to awakening if its in your highest to know it in this life.  Awakening is a real challenge,so its best to do when you are ready.  Once you have it, its a bit like being wed to something that you simply wont shake.  You can't.  Acupuncture might help.  I found some interesting things happening when I tried acupuncture.  The one needle that did the most was something called the Gateway and it was connected to the heart.  It turned me into an ocean of flow.  You can try kundalini yoga, but for most people today, awakenings aren't happening through that avenue as much as they are simply happening.  The air is being filled with the passion of this vibration, and more and more are being effected by a still broadening morphic field.  I suspect it will continue to grow as long as there are people who are energetically close to the threshold for it to take hold in them.

Its all about love.  Learning to love yourself, not in a selfish way, but in a true way.  To feel the love of the universe AS you and to feel the love reflected through all things.  This pulse is what keeps the planets in their orbit and the frogs singing on cool Spring nights.  its what draws us to each other and to professions in the hopes of greater fulfillment.  We sometimes get lost in it and mistake it for things like money or jobs or keeping up with the Jones's.  This love seeks nothing but itself and asks nothing but itself.  To achieve this means letting go of a good deal of the things you have clung to.....since so much have been in truth stumbling blocks for you, or miscalculations, however carefully conceieved....some have turned into traps without your even realizing it.  Waking into this love, you will be drawn away from that which does not serve your greater being.  As long as your old karmas lay within you, they will energize you and tell you they are important until you see differently, that there is still more to divest, to let go. Do not be afraid to stand completely naked, to allow your Essential Self shine forth without any static from your ego or mind.  Forget what you THINK will happen and just consider whatever DOES happen will be perfect.

You are being asked to move from bubble to wave.  this will require you to stretch out and become something entirely different, but perfect.  And beautiful.  As I breath in deep I hear the universe reminding me that all these people searching will find what they need as they need.  It tells me to just keep breathing deep, to breathe life into this growing organism we are building that is the collective self that is not just the collective, but the collective portion that is becoming AWARE as Infinite and awake in the moment, here, on earth, now.  As this energy builds, so does it help to push others over the edge.  We are all like these brilliant cells in a larger body as a ripple of some complex chemistry seeks to change and send a message, like a hormonal end electrical pulse, perfectly timed that changes how we, little motes in the body of something larger, think and feel and KNOW.  Awake, the world is very different.  We feed from a larger body of being and can feel this subtle energy moving all through this larger body.  We are each waking up in our own time and in our own way.

You don't need someone to tell you are special, or if your destiny is written in the stars.  You ARE the stars, silly.  Everything you had hoped to hear from soothesayers was just the same thing you always yearned for, which was that there was something more.  This something more was love.  But what a love!  So powerful, so challenging, so encompassing!  When they look up at you to tell you your destiny, you can smile knowing that you KNOW what your destiny is, which is in essence the same as everyone else's on the planet: to be love.....the most unordinary love you could ever imagine, but is what you have been seeking all through your lifetimes and helps to shape your curiosity and hope for this something more.   It seems outside of you, but rests like a sleeping baby within you. 

I keep breathing in deep and whispering my prayers for All.

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