Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Work, The Awareness

Krishanmurti was the quintessential awakened one.  He said "nothing disturbs me..." he was way cool out there on his bliss lotus.  He had it all worked out.  And all these gurus, they tell us the way while falling for the prettiest of their followers and not following their own advice to keep things chaste and holy.  People, all so ascended yet so full of unresolved issues that drive into their core, their roots twining around their being, making slaves of them, distorting their sight, their perception, making them hard, making them unaware and even blind.

We are all human.  We are here because we were drawn here the same way like attracts like. Its an energetic law of the universe....the multiverse.  We all do the work we came here to do, except on this one issue, we get hung up.  For lifetimes.  Hundreds, even thousands.  Like a skipping record.  We get to that one place in our development where there is that one deep scratch and then the stylus refuses to advance.  Lifetime after lifetime we hear that same sweet refrain repeated over and over until we are about ready to go mad.  Or run out into the cosmic street of night and yell "stop!!!"

Stopping is the equivalent of kundalini rising in you, the switch tripping and your body suddenly doing something it has not done yet has been programmed to do....a wonderous little trick, a feat of evolution, a wonderful cosmic turning of the interdimensional transmission in that wonderfilled groove microbus covered with groovy paint and curiosity.....forever changed....forever different....returned to your Essential Self. Except sometimes we get stuck on the curb just getting the bus onto the road and rolling with the sweet magic of pushing forward through the cosmic winds....

When Krishnamurti was a year from passing from this life into the next, he was full of a bitterness, of old hurts left unresolved.  I am not judging him, but observing that if the man who was the World Teacher could have such an inventory left over from an Awakening after a long life of work and teaching, what does this suggest to us here now?  I think the most important part of all of this is divesting ourselves of the things that hurt us, that turn in us and that enslave us.  These things have a life of their own, hitching a ride on that bus like some stranger who entwines itself so close into our awareness that its no longer seen and we then think lifetimes later that its just who we are.....except it isn't.  Growing in us are the roots of something that we often trim back to maintain, keeping it good looking for the world to see, but in truth, its unmanageable when we get right down to it.  Most people simply do not have the awareness necessary to know how to deal with what it is that is inside of them that isn't them, but that they have allowed to take that ride and thus become ingratiated within them.  Perhaps in a more accurate way, its a little rift inside that is a lot like the scratch on that old vinyl record I was mentioning earlier.  it keeps us from sometimes getting to the next groove, the next lesson. We think there is work to be done, but my sense has been its not about work. Someone shot you in that life as a sailer and you never got over it. So here you are.  But its less that you have something to work out with another person as you have to work out with yourself.  Nothing happens to you that has not first been attracted to you.  As hard or as easy as that might be, if you go all the way to the source of the hurt, you will be surprised with what you find.  The law of attraction is not here to punish us.  Its here to offer up a mirror.

We become enmeshed in our dramas.  They become very real, important.  Much of it has to do with ego.  "We" are hurt.  "We" endured a trial.  Because it was done to us, or me, the identification is set upon the one.  It wasn't right that we were dissabused of our rights, or that someone took advantage of us.  But that person was attracted to something in us that sent out a certain vibration.  The law of attraction at work.  Look deeper, beyond the insult to your self and to what lies at the core.  This is the hard part, the part where awareness is key. Lifetimes ago I did not stand up for what was right and many people suffered and probably died.  I was in a position of power and I could have said "no" to what was happening but did not.  I felt guilt and shame over that for lifetimes.  And for lifetimes, because I did not stand up, I was a target for being scapegoated by others.  This went on since the 13th century until a few months ago.  The day that I let the root of that old vine slip out of the earth of my being, things began to change.  People began to deal more fairly with me.  I did not fear the truth.  I knew, in my heart, that the truth would set me free.  But in that life as a priest I came against the Grand Inquisitor and it was he who sought to do his will through me, using the church for some grizzly work.  But I do not need to go back to him to settle the account.  No.  I need to settle the account within me.  There will be Inquisitors a plenty in this world, and to do work with them all would be missing the point.  By recognizing that the issue is within me and not in others, I can more clearly and properly settle upon what it is that needs to be done.  If something bothers me about someone, chances are its due to some misalignment in me rather than in them. Some people are just mean, and you can't help that but you can also choose not to have it effect you.  Let them be, let them live their life.  They are on their way to the promised land, too, and we are all on our own schedule.  No one needs to do anything according to our clock or belief system or way. 

We are each important, we each matter, but the ego can overidentify with a misalignment with its divine nature, and this divine nature has to do with how it processes energy.  This is very much about "being in the flow."  When we limit the flow, we can feel it as backing up, creating anxiety, even physical pain.  We are made to let that flow move through us and when we do not, something is amiss....but because so much of this is processed at subconscious levels for so many people, it can be easy to have something go awry within and the waters begin to get blocked at the entry...

Learning to be more aware is probably the single most important aspect you will learn.  Following your instincts, being able to determine between fear and flow, to follow your bliss, is an important part of training your insides to want to want the bliss instead of the age-old hurts you have adopted that curl themselves so deep that you and they feel one and the same. 

Forgiving, letting go, surrendering, letting all of that anger, angst, abrasiveness go is so important to your being able to feel an every more divine flow.  And as this happens, your awareness will likewise grow in accord with divine law. When you can signal that you are ready to perceive an ever broader sweep of the inner realms, you will be accorded more freedom.  Let go your investment in how that lawyer treated your family, or how someone in your childhood did less than kind by you.  Whatever it is that is gripping you, it is using up energy and perception that could be put to better use.  And you would feel happier, more one with yourself and the universe.  You'd also be that much closer to being a master or seeress of the universe.  No more Dark Side of the Moon....

As each of you let go of something, it makes it easier for others to do so; this is important and overlooked.  The work of a thousand lifetimes is now bearing fruit.  The resonant field of searchers, adepts, dreamers, and priestesses, are all bearing upon the collective self in the present time, and we will see more awakenings as we continue to press forward and build what is an energetic field of potentiality.  Now, for the first time in a very long time, awakenings are building in number and as we each push the envelope, we can help to build this thing from the inside out.  This is how it works, effecting change not in the world but in the world of each person, and as the tide rises and more people are forever changed by this experience, the effect of every single person will and is being felt.  This is the single best way to bring change into the world; via the power of the Waveform Awareness principle of consciousness, which transcends the efforts of singular people and brings the power of the universe and out ability to manifest on a larger level more possible.  As crazy as that might seem, anyone who has become awakened is familiar with the concept of the synchronicity or "sync." This is the very same energy in action, following your thoughts, intent, and will.  The trick becomes how to direct the wave for the highest purpose.  With each shift, each change within, the whole, the all, shifts and changes like the caterpillar in its cocoon, ready to grow those wings and emerge......

So join me, look inside deep, and ask yourself what remains.  What is it that causes you the most trouble?  Can you feel what part of your body registers the anxiety, tightness or pain?  If you look at what chakra it corresponds with you can look up to find what each chakra deals with, and for as silly as you might think that is, I have found the chakra  guides are pretty much on the mark.  Its an ascending range of energy from root to crown.  One site you could look at to help identify where some problems might be emerging is here Charka Chart

Another possible source is the one I just stumbled across in looking for another chart to past into the blog, but instead found a site on the divine feminine, a nice thing to find since I am getting ready to write about the feminine and our history, how She was submerged in our world and how She is reemerging.  I will add this link which discusses the chakras.  Let me know what you think of the site.  Looks promising!  Sister Spirit Sanctuary

Whatever path you take, whatever your insides tell you to do, building awareness is the single most important part of the journey through the brambles of your soul.  If you need help in this awareness I suggest a gifted intuitive who has always been able to hone in directly onto a problem immediately.  This person is Alison Neville and she can be contacted through her blog Here.

Good luck in your journey!


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