Monday, August 15, 2011

The Secret Doctrine

I have been doing some research for this and another book about how Christinity had contained within it, the very seed of awakening, a deeper greater mystery than what was allowed out into the public.  I often read scholars who say why we got the book in the bible right, and its laughable really, to hear how people will seek to justify what was nothing more than a grab for power.  It was less about plumbing the truth, although there was some effort at doing that, but these were all people who were themselves not awakened.  How could they know or spot writings that pointed to awakening?  Its odd because it does not look like awakening was on their agenda at all. Something great and wonderful was hidden.  Something was swept under the rug. 

I came into this life with this feeling.  I know its not born out of some odd little disturbance in my neurology.  Something was not fully told, revealed, allowed out into the public.  To do so might have compromised the power structure that was being built, and a tide of paternalism that had been in place for centuries.  Millenia.  The documents that were hidden, burned after the Nicean Council did not get rid of all of the books which contained the truth.  Almost two thousand years later a cache of documents in the desert of Nag Hammadi would offer up its gift in the form of a ceramic jar.  Some of the documents were burned for kindling, but most survived.  Still steeped in the tide of paternalism, some documents were not. One very special one, a hard one to follow for the language it used, but had some very clear portions that helped to lay out once and for all the shape of human consciousness as being dual, both masculine and feminine within one, that the deity was itself dual, masculine and feminine....and that the Holy Ghost was known by most back in the day as being the feminine counterpart to the masculine "father."  They understood how karma would stay active in a person and would make a person a slave to it, making people do things they do not wish to do....and that there was only ONE way to get rid of these karmic threads....

So its time to bring forth this secret doctrine.  It lays out a pathway for any human, for this is not a Christian path, but a human path.  Hindus, Muslims, Zorasters, Christians, and more, can benefit from it not as a process of faith, but as a practice of intention.  Beyond where we are lies the promise of tomorrow in the love that is what we are within.  We, each like islands, are bounded by a vast ocean, and it is this vast ocean that connects each of us into one.  Whatsmore, this ocean is love.  And it is you. It is waiting....The book, which still remains unnamed, will contain the seeds of the Secret Doctrine within it.  The truth is that the Secret Doctrine is something that ought not be secret, but known, and in our age, we have the opportunity to bring it forward for all to know if it is their wish.

The second book outline is done, laid out, and the chapters are being written.  This process is much more sane than writing a book the way I did the first "like a quilt" I said.  At some point you have to arrange all the squares to make sense of what has been written!  I am currently tightening up the manuscript in an effort to begin sending it out to prospective literary agents.  Fingers crossed!

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