Monday, November 26, 2012

A Great Blog On Awakening

I came across the following blog recently and I think it is so well written, so clear, so considered and nondogmatic that I think everyone should know about it.

With the rise of awakenings on the planet, in perfect timing, there are as a result many voices rising to write, blog, create in various ways, with the force or power of awakening serving as their inspiration.  It is also not easy to do, or to do well.  I am constantly caught between crawling inside the microcosm of it seeking to describe every detail to being exploded out into the macrocosm of it and being completely at a loss as to what to even say or do.  I feel like I am circling the fire and trying to explain something that no one else sees, and yet once you see it, you KNOW it and cannot fully describe it at all.  Others who write about it often wind up with very similar sounding language or descriptions.  Our words very often are best when they are simple, straightforward, and sometimes poetic.  I can remember feeling into this and plucking out the word "essential self" only to find it was later used by so many in the community of the awakened Similar language abounds amongst those who are not broadly read in the older traditions, or even the newer ones for that matter.  This comes about because it is right...and we all all dip in our own ways into that vast pool of the collective that bears to us a thread of commonality.  Many voices, one voice.  

I give you:  Adapting to Grace.

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