Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Etheric Sheaths

The Hindus call them sheaths.  I experience them as layers which are not always clearly defined like the layers of an onion. This sense or awareness of layers becomes more obvious as you go through awakening and get some time under your belt with this phenomenon.  The material that you shed is that which has stood in the way of your authentic self being able to be present and more fully known. I know it may sound silly; don't I already know who I am? You can tell perhaps that the statement is very relative. Well yes. You do know who you are. There is also more of you to know.  Perhaps it is as though one day someone gave you a microscope and you were able to discover whole worlds of yourself that you never knew existed.  They were of course there all along, and everything you see is mostly no big surprise, for since it is you, it has a certain essence peeking out from within it that naturally makes everything have an air of the familiar.  Familiar, but also new.  Maybe a distant sense of familiarity,  Sometimes, though, and often for me, every time a layer is removed, it feels like a revelations.  And that, at least for me, is exactly what all of this is; a revelations.  A revealing of ourselves to ourselves.  None of them are foreign, and none strike you as realize it had always been there...somehow it seems as though some essential part of you is rising to the surface of awareness, as though the stuff that never really mattered all that much is suddenly being sloughed off like a snake skin.  Perhaps no surprise, then why kundalini is so often associated with snakes. There isn't a literal snake in you, there is just some things that have a serpentine sensation when it first rises that could be attributed to being LIKE a snake. A skin that gets shed, an ability to make ones self over, or to renew ourselves. 

These layers.  They reside in each chakra center. Many are told that you feel the energy rise from root to crown and you are done. But this is not so. This is just the beginning. The force of awakening continues to move in you.  This is why if you think you have removed an entire layer of material from your etheric sheath, this is just one layer.  We are complicated creatures!  A number of years ago I experienced a heart clearing in my chakra.  During my awakening I knew that the energy was having trouble penetrating that center for some reason.  I didn't know why.  Much of the material that was clogging the heart had been driven down into the subconscious.  Some of what was clogging it came from other lifetimes.  All of this material would be churned up, blessed and forgiven and the center would be opened more and more. The effect for me on the first clearing was feeling an enormous sense of space in my heart. It felt pretty amazing to me at the time. Then, about a year later, I had another heart clearing and opening that was completely different from the earlier one. By this time, I had by this time removed a number of other things from my field of awareness, and now with the heart opening at this new level, the effects were so utterly profound I simply do not have words for it.  What it did for me, though, was to open my soul to the possibilities for feeling on a continual basis. I felt as though someone had hooked my heart into a 1,000kva power line of pure cosmic bliss!  For days after this, I continued to have these heart openings that would cause my body to shake and move.  My head would fly backwards.  I just could not help it.  My body wanted to arc upwards.  I understood in those moments what was meant by kriyas, which are involuntary movements brought on by the movement of kundalini.  Then, a year later, there was ANOTHER heart clearing and opening that was completely different from the previous one that involved a long standing pain I had felt that was being driven or illuminated by the presence of kundalini. Each time this happened, more material was shed. Each time my heart felt different. Each time, there were marked energetic effects that accompanied these clearings, and while I can describe to you how these felt, each was different and I also tend to think each person is going to be different.  Some clearings come reluctantly as the self holds on for dear life.  This can give the energy a completely different quality then, say, complete surrender.  Some energy feels thick and vibrant while others feel incredibly light and buoyant.   How you respond will determine the quality of the energy based on how you participate with it.  Each time there has been a clearing I feel "Ah!  I have finally made it!"  only to realize that this has all happened before, and that this is a steady shedding of old material from my being.  I am, step by step, coming home to myself and the inevitable realization of who I am in the bigger picture.  So, absent having this sense, it is easy to think that with some time under our belt, there is nothing else to do.

I feel that the process is continuous.  There is no arrival, only an infinity of arrivals into the present whereby we are transformed, changed, brought back to square.  Each time a new level or different level and aspect of our complex being is changed.  Forever. And yet, we continue on, deeper in soul, more vital, more joyful, more alive.  Each time these experience seem to put us into contact with essential portions of ourselves that we are just now discovering and whose essence has been tied into the seed or germ of this experience even from the very beginning when things seemed so new and mysterious. We move into the place where we shed this old layer, and it feels like THE release, which it of course is in a way, but once the self settles back ito itself, it is more as though you have just shifted gears.  It is a new gear, yes, but now it is time to start working through THAT gear, revving the cosmic engine ever higher until it is time to shift from THAT gear into a still newer one.  Over and over and over this goes on, and the wonder of this experience is in coming to know your relationship and presence as a divine being with the cosmos which is all interconnected, part of a vast family of being that is just about incomprehensible.  Without the power of love and intuition, I don't know that we'd have the means to wrap our beings around this.  It is a beautiful and wonderful miracle that we do, though.

So feel into each level.  Avoid using the intellect to decide what you think is going to happen next or where you think you are now. Be like a child; be open and embrace the world with as much wonder as you can muster.  Be full of joy that you have been given this life, that it is good enough to simply be happy to just BE. If you can approach all of this in this way, each moment remains fresh, free from weight and burden and there is always something exciting just around the corner to see and explore.  All of this that is happening to you, this awakening, is a good sign, a fortuitous happening.  You are coming into your own.  Instead of building something, though,  it is more like you are tearing something down. How do you build a house by tearing it down?  Only in awakening is this true. Tear it down, burn it down; what remains is essential and important to the soul, to your authentic self.  By removing all that mental jewelry, you can get a better feel for what you are deep down and your relationship with the cosmos, your own divine source of being.

Just let the layers keep peeling away.  Observe.  Observation seems to help in removing material.  The effect of being able to stand back and observe instead of being so bound up in our own little dramas helps in developing the type of perspective that is needed.  It helps you to put things into proper dimension.  Is it really important that someone doesn't like you?  Is it really important that someone is bad mouthing you?  Is it important that someone doesn't like you?  Really, it doesn't.  And the Observer in you can help you to stand back from all the drama in life and find what it important.  What is important is the sheer presence of awareness, the illuminating quality of your own being without regard to position or idea, belief or identification with who said what or how.  Here, you can feel your authentic self, here you can step back and feel yourself become very quiet in the moment.  Suddenly, all the wars and struggles in the world feel like a vast carnival ride.  They have been going round and round like this for ages, and they will likely keep going around like this for ages more. Enjoy the ride, learn what you need to learn or want to learn, but the Observer allows you the ability to laugh at this ride and step off, and begin the process of shifting into a different dimension of experience. 

There is something powerful in our intentional gaze it seems.  By being quiet you can allow something still broader and more powerful to enter your life and make for interesting change.  Good change.  There is no loss, here, only a gain, which I know sounds paradoxical, but you will very soon see and know intimately what I mean.  And it may be that some layers are like fragments of a still larger layer.  I say peel away what you can, let drop what is ready to drop away and do not worry about it.  You are, after all, in very capable hands. Trust and surrender. Peace comes as we remove those things that were a barrier to inner peace and bliss.

Energy will come in pure streams of heavenly bliss that might leave you shaking and amazed.  Energy may course through your system in a turbulent fashion, bringing up precognitions, visions, and insights.  It can bring a sense of unity in your being and thought.  Life suddenly resolves into a perfect holographic diamond where the light of the prime creator shines.  But whatever your experience, even if it is hard, is YOUR experience, and just because it is at variance with what someone else may have described does not diminish your experience one iota.  Claim it, wear it joyfully and if it too must slip away later, then so be it.  

What began as a writhing feeling moving up your core may turn into something that feels like the wind the next go-round. In another round, it could feel thick and hard.  It might get pushed into other centers, while in others, the density feels completely different.  In one layer things may feel quiet while in others there is a brilliant shimmer happening all around your awareness.  Sit back and watch.  There is plenty reason to trust this process. Do not be afraid, keep moving and know the bliss you feel comes from the Prime Creator. You are this being inside of you and digging deep, you will find it.  I know this sounds like heresy to some, but I tell you it is true. But this god/goddess self is not some grandiose being (well maybe it IS grandiose!), it is most often quiet but profoundly powerful.  But trust and Observe. I think you will feel a real sense of amazement in what more could be coming along for you! 

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