Monday, November 19, 2012

Chakras and New Awareness

I would like to expand your awareness a little today.  Breathe deep if you have to and be ready to consider something new.

Consider that a lot that we know has been handed down to us.  We tend not to trust our feelings or our own awareness or capacity to simply know.  So I am going to offer you this one treat and ask that you carry it within to see how it helps you to see anew. When you consider that the world is not set in concrete and that your own thinking need not be either, can you be free to see more broadly.  This is the cutting edge of your being.  One thing that we have been told by those who have come before is that the chakras represent a gradual migration of the soul into ever higher realms of awareness.

I am going to suggest to you that this is just not so.  But in order for you to know this for yourself, you have to give it a chance.  A good chance.  So here goes.

Yes, you have chakras.  Yes, they have different frequencies of vibration. As a result of this certain issues or characteristics tend to migrate to those chakras.  It is the Law of Attraction.  Like attracting like.  Simple.  Straightforward.  But who says that the crown chakra is the penultimate of our experience?  Our ancestors have.  Why buck tradition. right?  Well, consider that awareness changes, expands, over time. Just like the universe is said to expand. You are going to have to allow your old biases to be set aside for a moment to consider something truly remarkable here.  It can have a deep impact on you if you let it. So be like a child for a moment.  Consider there is something amazing yet to discover. 

I have used Thales the Presocratic philosopher before in explaining a sense i have about the way the universe is ordered, which is that everything that is has its higher expression.  Everything that is is energetically, like a cone.  Yes, a cone.  This cone expands outward into larger and larger scopes.  Thales, who I quote once said "All things are full of gods."  It is my feeling that he meant the same thing; that all things have their higher expression, and that the atom or quark has its own god.  I don't mean god or goddess in the usual way we are used to thinking of it (as something outside of us) but rather that we ourselves have our own higher expression of ourselves in eternity.

Now I know this might be a hard one to grasp for the first time. So I will suggest to you that time itself is not quite what we think it is.  Sure, we experience it in the way we normally do, which is a linear progression where events follow each other in a neat and orderly fashion.  Certainly.  However, the bigger picture is that our time is itself a subset of a still larger expression of time as an ever expanding present.  People who have had NDE's (Near Death Experiences) have all expressed their sense of this Present as eternity.  Jane Robert's Seth also spoke about this Present and that time itself is largely illusory.  It isn't that it isn't real.  It serves a purpose, but it has a way of going by the wayside to a certain extent when you reach into higher forms of consciousness.  You aren't stopping time here, it still marches on. However, you can begin to glimpse different aspects of time.  You can see into the future.  Time can slow way way down or speed up unimaginatively fast.  This is not just an a trick of the mind. it is how we choose to perceive it.  So there is more to time than just what we have here.  And in the same way, there is more to you than meets the eye.  there is a god and goddess within, a larger expression of yourself which you can and will encounter as you move along this road to higher forms of consciousness.  It is a given. It is not some egoistic illusion where you hope for some grander form of your ego existing, no.  It is just what is.  Your consciousness expands "outward" as you are ready to experience that part of what you are.

The same is true for your energy system.  The root chakra is thought of as the denser of all vibrations.  But this is not true.  Neither is the crown the ultimate in human experience.  The reason why this is so is because each part of you, each particle of your being and awareness has its higher expression.  The root chakra, then, is made up of layers.  I recently mentioned them in the post a few below this one as being the Hindu concept of the Sheaths.  Or layers.  Like an onion.

So what I want you to try is to feel deeply within all levels of your being to tap the inner divine in you.  the crown certainly has its role to play in this, but so does every other part of you.  the chakras are like highways for broad currents to flow but you also have countless smaller vortices's or chakras all throughout your body.  In fact, if you were to see them as I have seen them, you would know that the body is a vast webwork of energy lines that get so small that they resolve into a kind of glow.  Leylines of the self, let's say.  But this energy system is also nonlocal, which also means for the physicist that it has not one location in space time.  It can be anywhere and everywhere.  This is part of precognition and intuitive insight.  Here you are, and you are everywhere.  But your awareness and focus tend to be a bit limited, so this will take some focus in order to being streaming it in.

What keeps you from experiencing the divine union in anything other than the crown is your own focus.  So begin focusing gently on each center and see or feel how each center is itself connected to the divine.  This isn't something that is hard to do because it is in truth what you are.  What will keep you from glimpsing the divine at each level are your own blinders, your own shame or guilt or lack of self esteem.  The plus in all of this is that by focusing and doing this little piece of work, you also wind up clearing out your inner attic of any unnecessary material. Your own inventory of junk that is best released.  And as this happens, you feel the divine ever more clearly.  this then leads to still greater awareness and this can lead to a cascading effect within you.  All you have to do is to consider it a possibility.  That, and you may have to lay aside what you thought you knew for this radical thought I am offering you.  I promise you, it wont lead you down some primrose path.  If you are honest and let the junk go free, you can begin to glimpse this reality.  To do so means embracing all that you are unconditionally.  You are worth this moment "in time" to do this.  And if you are easy with yourself, you can begin to glimpse the reality that these words contain.

So no technique or method; you know the way.  It is native to you.  Just be quiet and feel your energy.  Let it flow through you and just let yourself float.  Feel each center begin to lighten and shimmer as its great truth is revealed. Feel into it.  Do not think.  Just be.  that is the best technique I can give you.  The way to this awareness is what you are deeper down.  So let yourself go deep.  Feel the shimmering energy within you and don't try to make it do anything.  Just let it BE. 

The idea that there is only one center that is touched by god or goddess is itself a form of separation. Prime Creator is in EVERYTHING, so it makes perfect sense that its presence can be sensed in the wind, in the water, in the glisten in an eye, and in every fiber of your being.  So let those fibers speak to you.  Let yourself listen for a while.  And let me know how it goes.  :-)

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