Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time Traveller

I dreamt last night that I had traveled through time and was meeting my past self as a 17 year old waiting to get on the bus.

How I managed to get back to that particular place and that particular time seemed like a miracle.  As I walked up to him I realized I didn’t know what to say to him, but there was a sense of very real urgency in all of this.  I had landed in this place standing in front of him moments before he would be on the bus, surrounded by people, and on his way to the next place. I was going to talk to him even as I walked up to him I didn’t know what it was I most needed to say. He saw me as I walked up to him and there was this odd moment where he thought I was someone else he recognized but realized I was not him and this led to a still more sudden realization of who I was a split second later.  I was going to talk to him, there was no question about it.  I felt the moment pressing down on me as though I had one page in a book to read and once I did that, it would evaporate from my eyes….

I held his face and said calmly and quietly that I was him…..but from the future.  I knew he would not freak because I knew he used to think about this stuff when I was his age. :-)

The one thing that I knew to tell him was how to see the woman he was in love with, and that if he waited here for a few moments more, he would be able to see her. The message was to love as much as you can.  I could have taken lottery numbers or news of impending war in our time, but in that moment the only thing that mattered was how to help him seize the day and honor love.

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