Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Butterfly Dreamer

butterfly pictures, butterflies picture
Photo credit: John Johnson

(this was prekundalini but stretching back to my 18 year old awakening....)

If you know
how to take apart
the world
and put it back together again
you have learned the secret to
Dreaming The Butterfly

Science can cut and tear
at the flesh of the living
to explain HOW
but never WHY
for to know WHY
could never yield such facts
diagramatic schematics
proving once and for all
what we all knew anyway
but needed a few theories to illuminate
books to publish
and learned men in grey beards
and funny hats
to discuss
in a self important way---
god bless their enthusiasm but
could they Dream The Butterfly

To Dream in this way
you open your eyes
and your heart
learning to SEE the butterfly
in its rich velvet covering
the inside out
observing FORCE
in motion.
And then the ten thousand things
which live
and pulse
and yearn
to be...

See its poetry
---no facts---
winged haiku
blessed creature
lighter than a sheath of grass
enchanted by life force
filled with winged grace
you look into its life
and ask
was I a butterfly just now?
All of life cries back
silent as a stary night

Amongst my Native bretheren
Dreamers are We
who plumb the spiritual depths
of a thing
for in spirit
the truth of All is contained
just as the Presocratic said
"All things are full of gods"
the only thing he forgot
was the icing on the cake
(which was to include the delicious goddess)

Those who learned to walk the Talk
of this Dreaming
Were Dancers
their bodies embodying
the Logos
the truth
that is theirs
and all others

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