Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Bernini’s Ecstasy of St Theresa at Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome.

You came to me today
in your robes
your belief held you
but the power
and glory
suffused you
His piercing your heart so long ago
awakening you
more woman than you could ever be on your own
as He was made more by taking you into His realms.

500 years later a messenger places his hand in my heart
and removes my insides
declaring,"you are move beautiful without this"
and out it came spilling
just like you described
before you were wed to him
made His
by His mighty hand
and grace,

So how could it be
worlds apart are we
the truth within shines
purposes unremovable
we all are made more perfect in spirit
by that which is added and taken away
made ready for that which receives us
a Mystery
made bold and bright
against the bitter sky of this world
but precious
as we redeem that which is ours
and pray your kingdom comes
to us all.

In your life and time
the compass of your certainty
could only Be
with a He that was locked up in heaven
In this Age
my Goddess descends
she lives here in this world
her truth made flesh
and I find my reflection shimmering in her
as she takes my hand
helping me in turning myself back to myself
I am more with her than I could ever be alone
as her gentle fingers unwind the aeons in me
this is no illusion
as that flesh yearns to reveal the sparkling truth
of this love
and create a revolution in our Being here
as still newer mysteries germinate in the rich bed
of this love
she and I share
and bear
into this world.

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