Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wrecks of Ships And Dreams

Do you know I am with you?
Feeling your pull
throughout this cycle
I am breathless
reduced by its simplicity
exploded by its complexity
my mind has no tools to convey
to you for you with you
save that I know
what you feel
is what I feel
this divine pool of spirit
wellspring to the infinite

Our separation is no illusion---
made real by Spirit
chosen child of the new beginning
we have made our way round
suffering on our way to this promised land
now learning that the suffering is no longer necessary
nor promised
save what it births
this age
whose egg has gestated within us collectively since the beginning
as I make this odd dance around the fire that reaches into the heavens
I pull you into that which has embraced you always
known you deeply
too deeply for my mind to comprehend
locked up inside of me
bursting out
sometimes hurting
but always leveling
but feeling as though you were a vision
an illusion
or dream.
Our presences together
scatters illusion
brings the truth to its center

We are both as we dissolve the necessity for paradox
We are one
seperation underlining its truth
handmaiden to its deliverance.
This is the spark
before the flame
the bearer of divine paradox.

Seperate, yes
but One,
Separate like Particles in a vast ocean
knowing ourselvess one moment the cosmic wave
and the next the divine particle
as wave crashes upon wave,
building manifestations
Now we learn to ride the waves.

Some truths have a bitter core
it is we
transmuted by falsehood
fallen we
our tongues forget what true sweetness is
and we
teeth flashing in the night
some cursing the Source
for how it has forsaken us (or them)
left us out in the cold
leaving us to die alone
cursing a name we have forgotten.

So each time the flame is extinguished
just as its light goes out
there is a recognition of your great magnificence
we come before you,
utterly unable to bring to word or breath
our forgetfulness
wondering why we had been so forgetful of You
but just then we utter your name and remember
it was never your purpose to fully reveal yourself here
but for us to remember you
in this moment
yearning for you, like a bride yearns anciently for her groom
the sacred marriage
as you move all over us
consuming us
in your passion
your love
and longing for us
mothering, fathering
and revealing like a lover would
with no other answer possible but this one;
love and nothing else!
We beseach your refined pose
your movement across those dark waters
readying for your lifegiving touch
yin and yang
dancing together
forgetting which is which
as two become one.

So if I have come here to tear apart each life looking for you
if I have made wrecks of ships and dreams
then I have done so
out of knowing
there was One
I had to have....
and your prayer has been upon my lips
for millenia
driving my purposes
my anger
my distrust
and finally

Bearing my dissapointment
over and over
like a bad dream
within a dream
I turn and see you
and something inside of me unwinds
like some vast spring
I lose myself
as everything I invested in unfolds
and falls out of my being like bolts of cloth
made for a man who must now become naked before his beloved
so that nothing stands in the way of them.

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