Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Message

He whispers in your ear from behind you
I am here with you, running like red fish
in your blood
your tide of passionate yearning,
unfolding like illuminated mysteries
my flesh becoming your flesh
my secret
your secret
creating an entirely new secret
a new story
for this age
as you feel yourself unfold
layer by layer
like petals
giving up yourself to Him
in exquisite joy
to feel him so near
where he belongs
unfolding her
running through places she has never been felt through before
seducing her
with his touch
his gaze deep into her
but moving evenly
as she returns to him
the magic of her Being
her rich fertile self
giver of life
with mere glances
so powerful
her fertile gaze
that they write legends and myths about her animating powers.

He whispers into you
His voice like thunder
His message
feels like lightening
this you can handle
for you were made for it
wedded to it
made One before the Separation.

And as I do this
I can feel particalized consciousness
flooding you
each platelette
revealing a mystery
as the two dance, ecstatically
and offering up their energetic orgasmic bursts of creation
they collectively build a Wave
and this Wave builds upon itself
as each mystery
lock like
reveals its message
so long in the waiting
and I read you...
like cosmic rna
RNA is the masculine that runs his hands over the female portion
and reads her transcription dna
reading her code
bringing back what was lost in translation
a hiccup in the process
bearing worlds of possibility
on an evolutionary scale
nature correcting
what works best for her
and so it goes over and over.....
His love for Her
his yearning and desire
as His touch reveals worlds of Her
as Her beauty reveals the entirety
of what could be.
He could never do this
without Her.

I read you....
revealing what you already know
but like some cosmic code
which I feel at my deepest levels running through me like currents of life force
it is the divine purpose
of the Two
as they move
as One.
It is my exquisite pleasure to run my hands all over you
picking up on the ancient message
so long in the telling
only portions were every allowed to escape through the prison we built here in the past
and now as we learn the secrets of the dna strand
reflected in us
is the capacity for understanding now
on an energetic level how this all works.
So much is being returned in this age.
Everything is reflected into everything else
and our bodies are temples
reflecting pools of soulfulness
and the soul's bliss may unfold
very soon
as we learn the secrets
of the scrolls
as they unfold
particle-like platelettes,
electrons with left or right hand spin
each with a polarity
attracting its opposite
as it sits nestled in the body of something much larger.
Their language
oceans within them
frozen worlds waiting for the warming sun to touch them
lips waiting for the shaft of light to penetrate and reveal
Her great potential
bringing to the moment

Each particle turns to its opposite
its secret revealed
so the other may read it
know it
its face turned like suns to be seen by the Other
read like ancient runestones or wordless as dna
as bodies seek to be one
sends his dna in to merge and read and reveal to Her
a frozen world warming into abundance
warming to its deepest portions
through union.

The secret made flesh of this makes me miss you......

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