Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prayer For You

Pour your spirit
your loving grace
upon us
mother of our hearts,
father of the indwelling
child of becoming
-the sacred union-
of our knowing
of our surrender
our love
our divine longing,
open all that you are
can be
to us
help us to understand the reasons
and if no reason
then grace in the face of such irrationality of being
and nothing but your love
pulsing so lively
to wonderfully
fill us up with your being
help us to know
you come from within us
as we beseach the you
inside of our hearts.

Heal the hearts
so hungry for your love
quiet them
as they drink from your boundless font of spirit
pour your spirit out
like water
that we all  know
in wholeness and joy.
And as they know this greatness
hear their voices rise in a new song
which is your song
which is every song ever written
that ever leaned into your essence
joyfull and ready
to see it a different way
and feel in a new way
that is native soil
native soul.

Let the sadness and loneliness pass from this world
let that emptiness
be filled with something entirely new
and revolutionary
in its joy
and bliss.....
let all those whose purpose it is to know and feel you
feel you in completeness
and open even deeper
to feel you deeper still.
Let your stillness reign
like a profound peace
filling our souls
with your grandness
and joy
as you fill the halls of heaven
and earth
in this new unfolding
unfold to me
unfold to her
unfold to my mother
and all who have ever thirsted
for the bread of your body
your life
the breathe of your everlasting soul
as we breathe in New Breathe=
and are lifted by you
by all that you are
and are still awaiting to become
in us
your latest wrinkle
our latest realization...

We are all  apart of you
drawn in by our opposites
but even there
we are one
And yet pulled
toward the union of souls
to knit this world together
after centuries of war
and hurt
time for your boundless joy
your spirit to be poured out
onto all flesh
that we might know the kingdom
on earth.

Let my hands
be your hands
let these eyes
conceive of what is yours to see
and my breath
full of fire
and desiring
to catch this whole world into a flame
which would rise
and know
that it was not as separate as it had thought
that every slaying is its own slaying
that every hurt is always its own....

So let me be your instrument
that your kingdom might come
petal like
and beautifully
as the grace that is you
is me,
that the beauty that is you
might be reflected in me
through me
through all of creation
as hope burgeons
like the great promise that it could be.

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lunasea said...

incredibly soulfully heartfully complete... in awe