Saturday, April 16, 2011


This love
she says
as she cradles my head
is for you
each of you
Teachers in your past have sought
to bring the logos to you
even though through it all
the logos is actually inside of you my beloved child.
That logos is the love.
You are this love
and this love is the universe.
This makes queens and kings of each of you.
The poorest man struggling to walk the streets
or the richest woman living in a castle on a hill
all belong equally to this divine royalty.
You are this love, my love."

What it all means
she whispers
is coming to a place where you can love yourself
until you do that
your world will have dark clouds
and troubled times.
The world is as you see it
and if you have something unresolved within
it clouds your vision
so that the light becomes like a dark smudge on the glass.
All through time its been like this
the world is so hungry for this love
yet many have never felt it in this world
but know it like some forgotten memory....

You can teach a thousand lectures
full of great ideas
but none other will help
as love.
Love is so expansive that there seems to be different faces of it in our world
and yet all of them belong to a larger unfolding love that will remove our need
and begin to supplant with abundance
and abundance of love.
We have divided this love into different loves ourselves.
romantic love or eros,
the cosmic pulse of the erotic and sensual,
the love of a child
tender and expansive
and protective.
We love others for what they supply us.
We love money
and we love basketball,
and birds
and trees.
We love all kinds of things and all of this
is bound up within a much larger realm of experience
which is a love that literally fuels the universe.

Beyond all of this
or perhaps within All
is a deeper pulse
which goes beyond all explanation
and contains all.
It is this love
and what is does for us here.
It alone is the fire which can burn and refine us into beings
that are children of the new age
new world
beyond karmic entanglement
ready for a new adventure in being
where love rules.
This is our collective dream
and many are conflicted about it
so we see this played out on the world stage
and yet the revolution works itself out inwardly
as wave after wave effects more and more
who are feeling the pull of this vast ocean of experience
the nirvana of the sages and gurus
the expanding present
the power of now
and all of the isms that we seek to create to describe or explain it.

Its love.
When you are able to feel your heart open
like the flower that it is
you will feel an indescribable pulse moving through you.
You will be forever changed
and yet what brought you to that place
was the result of being forever changed.
This is the stair stepping we make up through the ranges of our being.
Each step is a revelation
each step important.
Some bear messages from our past to our present and into our future;
remember what you are they say
you are love.

As we move through all of this
love unfolds
or we unfold to love
as our ability to perceive it changes
and then as we open to its expansive vibration
pulses of it get through....
and a new world lays before us
page by page
we go through this
as we move from lower to higher.

Goddess holds out her hand
to all of us
she beckons us near
time for us to embrace that part of us
which we have so long denied.
Her union in each of us
will connect the dots
and reveal to you
the truth of you
which is
you are love
and by vibrating at its frequency
you will feel the boundlesness of creation
the entirety of the universe passing through your heart
without a need to clutch or hold
for all wedded to all
is what we are.

This is how we heal this world.

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