Friday, July 29, 2011

How You Can Change The World

I don't know about you, but feeling this gathering wave within,  I know that having shifted from that old form of being to what I have become, I sense deeply that the world can work differently than what we are used to.  Or were taught.

I am writing in my book about the concept of the Particle and Wave.  I am making these into the two phases of awareness:  Particle Awareness, Waveform Awareness.  Most of us experience Particle Awareness where everything we know is inside the bubble of our being, or soft-shell of flesh that keeps us from spilling out into the universe. This is who we were born as, and when we bang our finger it hurts me, not the horse eating grass in the field across the glen from me.   Ego helps us to discern between me and thee and a horse.....Our thoughts are our own, we do not hear others' thoughts. We think how cool would that be?  And we dream about being invisible and having special powers.

Then it hits.

The particle awareness is stretched and kneaded, seduced and melted through compassion, many particles piling higher and higher until the dam breaks and the waveform is unleashed upon us; kundalini awakens.  And when it does, our one Particalized self knows itself in a sea of other particles, creating a wave.  This wave is the All.  it is bliss, it is love.  It might scare the you-know-what out of us at first as he shadow side of the self is stirred up and dealt with.  Sifted and forgiven, the waters are clearer and there is this vast ocean upon which our individual boats float, and this is the dominion of the boundless self. We are both individual and boundless.  We begin to hear others thoughts and we know we have those cool powers....but all of a sudden, it doesn't seem so miraculous because now we are Waveform Awareness and this is pretty normal. We bend minds with the glint of our smile, a movement of our hands.  We do not wear capes, and we do not have funny masks.  But we are all unified through this vast wave.....and  besides, those powers are the result of having such a broad wave at our command.  But that is very cool because, well, a wave is pretty strong.    The very force of the universe, teased and unleashed to do the good that it yearns to be.  I know;  perhaps the wave only wants to BE.  We, individuals in the wave, see results, ramifications, and want to nudge and create and effect as a result of judgments that we make.  We dare to know what the wave wants.  Like the ripples of the wave on its surface can have any idea about what the ocean wants.  But perhaps we do.  Perhaps its to realize ever greater expressions of this love which is the wave in the world. Perhaps we can build these waves all around us?  Just by being?  Focusing?  Moving evenly together for the highest?  Thy Will Be Done?

But lets say these judgments represent a big shift for the better, for the race as a whole. Doesn't it seem possible to effect the world from the inside out?  Here we are, convinced that we must ACT upon the projection of consciousness that is what we see before us, our world (which some call illusory....I think its real....a real creation for our learning and benefit).  So what would happen if we were to act in consort to see something really big and good happen in the world?

"Thy Will Be Done."

Maybe we can add that whatever it is, that its good and juicy.  But no particular thing, just something to let us know that it was just us driving this wave of intention higher, some little clue so we can begin to point at it when it happens....and maybe feel a little silly for doing that, but juicy is good.  Just admit it.  Not juicy like Brad caught kissing someone or whatever...but like some really cool and amazing thing....but what I don't know.  The wave will know.  We wont need to wear masks or capes.  Just open our hearts, our souls and let the universe begin to flow deep and strong.

This idea has already seen some evidence as being possible.  There is something called the Maharishi Effect, a tested principle that shows that relatively small numbers of people in a given area who practice meditation, pray and feel peaceful and use intention to help see others around them as the same way actually has a statistically significant effect upon the local population.  What is most interesting is that the evidence shows that we only need on percent of the population to see a change.  I don't know if the research bears this idea out, but there is a lot out there about it....maybe I will wade through the numbers, but I like how it sounds.....but it feels as though this is so, that change can be catalyzed by a relatively few people to change things.  The wave joined with many teasing that wave into ever higher heights, drawing from intention, focusing on a desired result, seeking the highest.

When I awoke I can remember feeling this vast field of energies.  I knew these were others like me.  A family of consciousness like me....These were all seen as like lights,  stars in the sky, pulsing with the same Waveform Awareness.  Each pulse rippled through the entire net of stars.  I just knew we were all one with life, but somehow this sense of these awakened people on the planet had a feeling of startling presence.  Then later, as I began to learn more about this phenomenon, I learned that there was a veritable wave of others who were experiencing this and I wondered.....  So I ask; if we draw deep within the essence of this can be dredge the depths of it to push that wave a certain way....not in a way that we necessarily want but simply ask to happen.  Like saying to yourself "I want the very best to happen today for the world; whatever is in our highest...let's have THAT happen!  You, great wave, decide!"

There is not a time when you are not a part of this wave, nor a place where you are not. You are it and it is you.  Married to it, wedded from the most essential to the most obvious....speak to it, ask it to rise and it complies.  Drop deep into its comforting net, a supportive webwork of being and bliss.  Can we raise the vibration?  The pulse of life?  Will others awaken tomorrow? What could happen that is in our highest?

I think we have the power to change things from the inside out.  Like ourselves, forever changed, whisper to the wave and tell it to show you what it can do.  And believe.  And lets watch......while eating that sandwich, or tapping your fingers looking outside or as you breathe deep within, or when you lay still and deep in meditation tomorrow...

In our highest...

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