Monday, February 1, 2010


We call her 'she' but we veil part of "her" being when doing that. Its beautiful and poetic to refer to earth as she. She is cradle and grave, our nurture, and our becoming. Everything that happens happens upon her breast.

Except that for her to be what she is requires the masculine aspect to be in presence with her. As she may be soft, he is hard, perhaps unyielding. Where she might be the depths, he is the light shimmering on the surface, trying to penetrate deep into her depths. While she is the fertile hills and valleys, she awaits his lifegiving rains with his fury and orgasmic touch upon her made of lightening and thunder.

The two go together, necessary elements at work on earth, a swirl of sexuality and its energy....not seperate but aspects of each other. We have yet another key to all of this lying next to us in nature. They flow so effortlesly together. I would that we were to flow like you are the wind and I am the you are the moon and I am the you are the current and I am the stream....or any number of countless possibilities.

Whatever you do, flow always into me as I flow into you.

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