Monday, February 1, 2010

The Luminous Self

Today I had all this stuff coming through was about how our nervous systems and brains might change over there exists within us this incredible capacity for change....that life itself can morph into anything else....that we contain so many latent forms bound up inside of us....the wonder of being human on this planet. But I saw how thie kundalini would likely push a change in physiology as time goes by....and we are part of this change now. This change allows for cosmic consciousness, for a higher calling, to continually improve while bringing in this energy which is so can't help but change us inside out.

Then I saw how contrary to belief, the larger evolutionary jumps happen in the twinkling of an, two, maybe three generations....there is a sudden change.....that some of these jumps happen not through offspring but by bringing in a new energy or behavior which then becomes part of the culture of humanity and this then gets anchored here when before it was not part of us.

We must continue to go forward.......we are well taken care of...

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