Friday, February 12, 2010


which have been part of my heritage
my past
and future
I have been lost
unable to bridle you
for the purposes ahead
that are transcendant
and freeing.
Perhaps it has been in perfect timing
to launch me forward.

You which are the bedrock of my birth
become the sky of my ascendancy.

Teach me the Way
which you proclaimed
lifetimes past
and which would turn
as the Great Wheel turns
to find us in this place.
You, I know. You I understand.
You and I must transmute this
to make the turn into a new cycle
so that father sky and mother earth
can embrace and be at oneness
purified of their past trouble.
But first
I must be purified.
Purify me
move through me
take me as yours
crush me into dust
let fall out that which does not belong.
Let my warrior self return
unapologetic for the task that I must do
which is yours
and which I will inherit.

Show me the balance you aim for me to keep
remind me day to day
like a prayer
an invoking
of me
to your breast
to your nature
to our shared purposes
to bring a new kind of man
to his feminine
to help turn
through your power
the stone of the age

It is time
let us take aloft.
Build your nest
of arrows
made to pierce
to reveal
in my heart...
for our purposes
are shared.
I call you
I call you
I call you
I call you....

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