Monday, February 1, 2010


Sometimes its hard to know if a given phenomenon is connected with a kundalini experience. I know that for me, the six months before my kundalini awakening was marked by a slew of high strangeness.

In August of 2006 I was visited by a feeling as though something was waking up inside of me....and as this happened it was like listening to a song I had hear before but not in this was so familiar yet hard to pin. This was accompanied by the feeling I had of being part of a family of consciousness....the feeling was of how I belonged to this family, and how this feeling was so liberating to me, so comforting. This was, I feel, part of a process that ultimately triggered kundalini. I had just spoken to a native american shaman about a memory I had of being native american back when the whites were first coming onto the scene and messing things up pretty good for me and my people. I did not fully understand the memory since it involved a vision from that culture and was hoping for some clarification.....and it turned out that just telling this man this memory lifted a huge weight off of me somehow. I then had the feeling of being part of a larger family. Oddly I found out the man I spoke to had had a book written about him that translated into "we are all related."

I had lights which showed up on the wall at night....these were not like incandescent lights but were very much like something called foxfire...which I saw once as a child on a cave wall....its is a bioluminsecent fungi that grows on the walls of caves. Instead of a reflective effect, its as if there is an even light coming OUT from the surface. At the time I was seeing these forms which were like vague human forms.....but more vague than even human. Also, the weird thing, was that when I kept seeing these lights, I got involved and tried to figure out where the light was coming from. I realized it wasn't lights from the other yard coming into the basement and shining against the wall. In fact, what I thought was the basement wall wasn't the basement wall at all(sure looked like it). The place where I saw the lights wound up being where a whole clutter of purplish plastic bins were which obscured the basement wall completely....and if a light were shone on the wall it would have been purplish from the plastic containers. No, this light was a brilliant white.....eventhough the light WAS pretty had a different quality than a light bouncing off the seemed to seep through the wall. It showed up many nights in a row but went away after some examination. I had the feeling as though a range of things were manifesting, all part of something larger and maybe a little diffuse and not completely focused....the feeling as though something was being projected out of me...

Along with this was a light which looked like a silhuette of something hard to figure was a circular light with some vague silhuettes in them....almost like shadow puppets, but I could never quite make out what the forms were. Something seemed to be resolving perhaps? Then there was the muffled voice. I was sleeping in our basement at this time and I would hear each night the drone of someone's voice talking as if it was just outside of the house....very near the door....very near the foundation of the house to be exact. Again, strange. Once I told someone about this phenomenon and it went away only to be replaced by the sound of plains indians at a distance beating on a drum and chanting....this went on until I commented on it to someone else and it too went away.

I had the sound of someone very close to me while alone in bed and the lights out.....someone who for the life of me sounded like they wore a polyester jumpsuit of some kind (I did not see this, I only heard it up close). I was pretty well frozen on the spot as I listened to this. I could never figure out what was making this sound. There was no polyester cloth anywhere near me, the bedclothes weren't remotely of this kid of was quite curious. And then there was the burn, which spurred thinking about this period of time and thus this post.

I also woke up one morning with a crescent shaped moon burn on my right hip. The thing that was so strange was how if I had been burned like this, I would have felt it. I had zero memory of how I got this burn. It just showed up on morning. The other curious thing is that my underwear looked like it had dried blood on it....not blood that had flowed, but like how blood looks when it dries, it flaked away but some of it gets on your clothes when dry. It almost looks like dirt, except you know its not dirt. I had the distinct feeling as if I had ben taken out of my bed at night and put back by.....who? I know this sounds very strange....and it is....but when I woke that morning and saw the burn shape that had NO pain associated with it, and which faded in three days with NO scar, with no scaling of the skin or anything like that, then you kind of rub your chin in wonder over just what this was. I took photographs of it, it was so innexplicable. I did a search of marks like this and wound up through the miracle of modern internet technology on alien abduction sites....with people who had burn marks like mine except I don't think anyone had a crescent shape. I didn't think I was abducted but neither could I understand why I looked for the life of me like I had gone somewhere or had gone THROUGH something in the night with absolutely NO memory of it and NO pain or discomfort IF it was an ordinary burn or "brand." I did have a dream three weeks before the kundalini happened which was about an alien being who was sharing breath with me which seemed to anticipate the kundalini. As for the burn mark, I have absolutely no evidence of its having been there now....which is just over three years ago.

I wanted to get this down because I wanted to record this while I remembered it. These small isolated things can sometimes fade from memory because we don't think they are important. I suspect it was prephenomenon....not necessarily tied to kundalini but perhaps more accurately the soul getting wound up for an awakening which might also include kundalini.

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