Friday, February 12, 2010


Great Goddess
bearer of All
guide my heart
still my voice
move my purpose
so that it aligns to yours.

Help me know more clearly
to follow more assuredly
to become more perfectly
that which I must be for you.

Your restless sea
opens to my soul
my only wish is to release
that which is yours,
which is mine.
There is nothing I want or need-
more than This.
No riches,
no status
or standing.
My insides cry out for you
and I am reduced to dust in my longing...
I would be scattered to the 4 corners
if that is your wish or need....

Help me to know
if I must surrender my compass
I leave it for you on the nightstand
as I go to my world of dreaming.
And if I must be stripped bare of everything
I ever was,
please help me to know the way to do this
for I am feeling like a child in this
but uncertain....
I am ready for my heart to guide
but hold my hand steady.

Help me to become the perfect vessel
for what you need most
desire most
to be in this world.
My hands are your hands
this body is yours
show me how to give up the world of hurt
I have inhereted
and help me to bring peace back to my heart.

I know how magnificent you are
I know your great inneffable depths
for they are mine as much as they are yours
and to knit this back together
we must all learn the great love that waits for us.
So fill me with your magnificence
your beauty, your grace.
Help me to clear my heart
of this hurt.
I know you are the one I must serve,
within me is a path to you which lies in my heart
and which beats from the core of my soul.

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