Monday, February 22, 2010


I rush here the same way I would rush to you at the end of my day, barefoot, breathing heavy, nervous even.....expectant....because I know union is but moments away....the first aspect is what exists independant of space...but there is union in sound; just hearing you is a form of bliss and joy and union is blissful and joyful. My insides leap and flash with the energetics of this. Most powerful short of holding you is what is in the eyes; so potent is though our soulselves ooze out from us and travel across the room to embrace and to be embraced, life finding life, celebrating in it, so joyous in such a simple way.

But this goes so deep, layer upon layer, level over level, a quiet bucket dropped into our two selves as we pull up potentiality from our collective depths....a shaft of light now with no differentiation as to whether it is She or if it is He. They inhabit both in this wonderfilled manner. His life is literally renewed by her presence, by her welcoming glance moment by moment. He lives for her breath, for even the rumor that she is real, spoken in hushed but excited tones...

I rush to this place as if I climb up a steep slope, up stairs of stone lined with vining flowers as I find the secret garden of your soul, the shimmering realm of your beauty and grace and the generousness of spirit and heart to let me in and bask in your magnificence. There is nothing else as important to my insides as this I have discovered.

Reaching this place has meant having faith, believing in my very essence and letting it burst free....well....okay....slowly, haltingly at first...but now having tasted the tips of your fingers I know the sweetness from a whole other place and time or realm of time outside of our time. By having faith, faith has opened the door to the indwelling spirit of Him. Letting him move forward is the single most important thing I can do next to awakening that which is within you that knows His presence. By holding that vibration,it acts like a pathway upon which I travel to be at your side. I want nothing more than this, but nothing less. i would be servant to this the rest of my days, my hands to become your hands, my strength becomes yours, my smile a resident in your ocean of love.

Marvelous, amazing things await...

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