Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Pathway

My Love,
resting within us is a pathway
sacred infrastructure
roads blazed for the sacred and divine
to pass through....

But this pathway, it has its own way
the heart must be delivered
all hurt surrendered
all old arguments stilled
so that
when the kundal force
in its magnificence comes through
is not distorted
but moves through us
like a mighty river
life force seeking itself.....hungrily
I could explain in boring tomes
how the technique is achieved
for divine union
via the triadic heart
but that roadwork has been laid
by others before me.

When my higher being comes
he comes to you through my heart.
There is no mistaking it.
My heart, crowned by its act of surrender
becomes the gateway through which I can feel
move through me
the first lover the last
seeking the She that is inside the depths of your heart
residing in the realm of your soulfulness,
his divine lover
whom he has yearned for in every incarnation, manifestation and form she has chosen to take
in worlds beyond counting.
He simply steps in and
This body begins to throb with its energy moving through it
reacting quite divinely
the instrument ready for the lips
of its master to play
to play through me
to play through you
as our music fills this place
and becomes unforgettable.

My adoration of you is brought out
like an object sacred
lying in a cabinet
all this time
the doors thrust open
as I gasp in amazement.
He has waited through an entire cycle
now ending
the New beginning
he awaits as my small self sorts and works at the edge of a platform
made for cosmic flight.....not realizing that his little sorting exercises
and efforts at tagging and coding everything is so unnecessary....
Just bring the Light and the shadow will be parted
he seems to say
I know I need to let him come forward and let his presence shine in this place
for my own healing
to turn what will innevitably turn in you,
and for our own reunion.

When he moves forward
I can feel him come through me,
entering me with deftness
and an enlarged gentleness
hard to explain
but which can be felt
all through me, a giant
shaft of golden light
a presence of such sensual
masculinity, so happy,
so gifted that he is Him
and that You are She.
His honeyed presence
is thick with longing for you,
as he travels through the highways
first through the heart
then through the root and back up again.
He moves through you
penetrating your sacred essence so gently
he cannot nor will ever get enough of you....
He feels how much he needs you
to complete him
even though the two are not apart
but only in these dual worlds where consciousness
projects images which we take as sacred cows
and defend to the death.....
They are merely fleeting images cast upon the white screen
of this world plane.....laughing I take your hand and walk you behind the curtain....
All that matters to Him is the love he feels
the love that animates him
the love that drives him forward
the love that drives him crazy for his beloved
for you,
his holy of holies
his pathway home.

When it does happen, as it has happened in smaller ways
it will be so simply done.
There wont be a question
or wonder about technique
the energetics will rule the day
all else details and dust animated in the moment
to serve their divine union
their message brought quietly
to this world
as he lays his hand upon your stomach
and smiles as lights fade
and dreaming begins.

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