Sunday, November 7, 2010

Across These Seas

I have climbed across landscapes
through worlds we have a hand in making
whose illusions
have stood up and walked Lazarus-like
and wound their way around us
confounding us
but in the end
were only our creations
and as land gave way to sea,
in the new moon of this age
I sought
on boats
to find you
only to discover you were not somewhere far
but very near
rocking beneath me
the water surging all around
begging me
I am not a destination
but the other side of what you are,
remember me.
I awaken with your words upon my lips
as it is mine to understand
as the age old hurts are dropped
and all that they mirror
all of the love's gained and lost
gathered by karma
released by its absence
awakened by a new emergent Way

There wasn't a journey
that could carry me
nor a sense of what love could bring
when I let go
of all that hung around me
and this ocean blue
that contained you.

I traveled far
looking for you
but the true
wound around me
like such certainties
yet I refused to see
you were there all along
within me

There never was a There
that was not first within us.
There never was an authority
who made all the rules
not one that was not first initiated by us.
Never did another chain nor kill nor harm
that we did not first contain within ourselves.

Stopping the clock is what this age brings
as the age comes to a close
and Soul comes back to the edge of what is real
and what is created.
Together we mend the rift between creator and created
between masculine and feminine
between this deep hurt
that has rippled out across this universe
and the other side of us which
fills every jewelry box
every corporation
every heart
and car
and heart attack.
We breathe in
We breathe out
we send it out
we take it back.

reel it in
bring it back
the age is consumed
and understood for all that it sought to bring
on to the next
as Hyena's teeth gleams like stars under the night sky...
so that we might bring a rennaissance to bear
after flirting with death
we choose a larger life than ever dreamed
look the other way
and we will dream the dream
and bring back all that which was forgot
or hidden.

She returns as the great gift of this age
as lovers we
enjoin in this ancient ritual of realization
folding over onto itself
dream ourselves awake
as we realize we are dreamer
and dreamed.

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