Friday, November 26, 2010

Beyond your own parched lands
waters move and awaken you
bringing you to a bright moment
of possibility.

Your illusions will drop
as the weight is more than you care to bear.
You will see that everything you were invested in
never paid back with the returns you had hoped.
You will ask where you went wrong.
You will ask and wonder
but until you speak with the voice of the All
will the All return its answer
as it takes you as its lover
its beloved possible child
as it whispers its secrets
deep into you.
This journey is yours
as it is mine
and every other.
I would not rob you of it
by telling too much.

The path is love and forgiveness
not hate and punishment.
Never did these tools bear good fruit
even if we wished it fervently at the time.

I love you beyond your illusion.
I love you beyond the lies your little self tells you
that serve to keep you tangled in your web of self deception.
Even as you curse me
shall I love you
till the end of this and every age.

For as bad as things may seem
within me lies a river
boundless and deep
the love within me cannot nor will not be destroyed
or limited
or attenuated.
Only in illusion does it seem this way.

For now, I bid you farewell
as our waters turn a distinct color
from the other.
For now you go into this illusory world
built from within you
that hides the depth and strength
and breadth
of what I am
and cheats you of your larger truth.

I cannot walk your path
that world no longer exists for me
and I know its very real for you
but I cannot be a slave to such pain and anguish
and hopelesness.
The All never robbed itself more of itself than in places like these
but it parts of it must
before tasting the wellspring of its being
as sweet
and everlasting.

Beloved awakening
beloved wakefulness
become the ressurection
of the flesh
into a second life
a new life.
And when that day comes
my waters shall recognize yours, finally.
However long that takes
will be half as long as love will provide.

While you are exiled in that dark prison
I shall remain bound by the promise of the water of spirit
and I will sing to your spirit
while you sleep
as the one great Truth
leaks deep into you
its weight becomes too strong
when we weaken from its lack of truth
and strengthen in different ways.

You must be brave.
And I know you are
will be
to ask the big questions
to consider that beyond ego
and malice
that there is a world so brilliant
and wonderful
you will wonder why it took you so long
to get there as you lay your burden down.
Until then, I wish you strength for your days ahead
and my boundless love
which is me
and the universe.

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