Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Mirror

This experience touches the infinite
our larger selves far in what we would call the future
but which is in truth outside of time
and entirely unbounded.

Kundalini awakens the larger scales of our being
unlocking us
level by level.
There is no end to the levels
no end to where we can transport ourselves.
The soul silent and still
yet moving and creating boundlessly
projecting itself out into the world of "form"
builds itself
like a sweet essence wafting off us.

Feminine and Masculine spiral upwards
criss crossing, enfolding,
your orientation matters not
for the All reflects back perfectly
your desire
your hopes
and even fears.

The mirror is so wide as to envelope the world
there is nothing that does not fit
or cant be contained.
Every view
every dogma
perfectly reflected.
This mirror
which contains everything
can reflect anything
so that any truth you present
can be found shimmering on its surface.

No matter from where you come
it brings you in.
There is no love that it cannot contain.
Sometimes I wonder if the very act of projecting
creates this mirror
but whatever the case
it will allow you to create as you most need
bringing you the perfect thing for the place you are
the person you are
and the dreams you dream
until you change those dreams
or what you are inside
and even then
the mirror will bring you what you ask for
in perfect timing.

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