Monday, November 22, 2010

What Wakes Me

Nothing is wasted.
Everything is used.
Within what you might see
as chaos
is design
and elegance
and efficiency.

The way of the All
is to turn all that has been
into what will be
and even shadow
will stand shining
transformed into something remarkable
even if I do not know its path to such change.

Our lower selves
were not married to the higher
but this part is an engine
for vast energy
which when hitched to the triadic self
of reptile
and primate
as these parts merge and flow evenly together
as kundalini helps reveal the larger scope and purpose
you will see
all parts of the buffalo are used
every bone
hair and fiber
and as we move upwards
in our ascension
we will take those lowly portions
as part of a new self.
Nothing will be forgotten
nothing subsumed
but understood better
as we get our act together
utilizing a choreography of self
that is entirely healthy and straightforward
while also subtle
and passionate.

I used to think
the shadow gets recycled
and perhaps it does
but I suspect
it gets transformed
by connecting to its larger self
your ascended self
as it learns its larger purpose
after having been disconnected from it for so long.

that the shadow
was only shadow
because it never was incorporated
into the larger self
but allowed to roam free
Now, unified
it is part of a shimmer world of possibility
and its context changes...

The lower self takes on new meaning
and overt,
ready to be bridled to the tasks ahead.
Everything is divine ultimately
if given the chance
for ALL
was made by the All.

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