Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Will You Find?

What will you find
when all layers are removed
as the Essential self rises
and floods you with a feeling I can't even begin to describe.

What will you be?

You will be YOU.
You will be the YOU
you have been waiting for.
Why wait you ask?
It was a journey
and now its being spread
and said
that this waiting has been fulfilled
and the way forward is to let drop
what surrounds us.
No struggles
nor conflicts
simply letting go
and transforming your energetic self
and all that it attracts
and creates.

The method is simple; there is none
The guru is simple; there is none
the teacher is simple; its inside of you
all knowing can be tapped
not egoically
but simply
filled with love
and affection
for what lies in wait.

This process can be very hard
as the shadow self
and the lower self
seek to hold on to old habits
and remain in a position that no longer serves us.
It is then that the shadow side of our nature flares
and its chemical marker adrenaline
shoots up the torso to the heart
causing it to beat faster
as it follows the choreography of fear.
In the midst of great gripping fear
we must find peace
and let go.

By working through this
person by person
we make the pathway easier
as the 100th monkey
ushers in the millions
and our world undergoes a rapid evolutionary shift
as the word kundalini is upon everyone's lips.
Fad or not
trendy or no,
divine spirit
and guides our movement through evolution.

I am here to help make it easier
in my own humble way.
I cannot prescribe medicine
but the prescription I give is true
and good.
We must find our way through this wood
and as we do
bring humanity out of the darkness
and into the light
one at a time
lovingly and compassionately.

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