Sunday, November 7, 2010


come to me
let me grasp hold of you
let the firmness of my grasp
tell you
what it needs to
as it releases within you
the desperate intensity
to pull
to release
to awaken
and build within
turning and twisting
children of divine passion
the world pulses with this
just as it awakens
person by person
it pulls away the clothing
that we have put on
have insulated us from FEELING
and our divine Being.
So close
how far.

Now come,
come here
so I might hold you fast and firm
so that you may feel the warmth of my touch
the warmth of my intention
which is to seed your universe
your Great Ineffable Mystery
stirred by something deep
something which knows where She Begins
which is where he ends
and where she ends
is his beginning
and is the secret to our becoming
in this new age
as we awaken to our dual selves
never truly alone
we awaken
resolving triadic
our counterparts flow one into the other
and births the Third,
resolving paradox
into a simple view
expressed in all of its complexity.

Let the Christ, the Third, return to the earth.
Let stop injustice
let begin the fair-hearted ways we have been waiting for.....

But before that the Father and Mother both
at peace
and remembering
why they came here
looming large
in our mythos
as we melt into its created loop
where creator becomes created
the created becomes creator
we awaken to our holy selves
free from the stamp of appropriation
of those more righteous and knowledgeable than we....
(we have always known)

So come here
my goddess self
I have seen you turn and revolve within me
beyond all karma
beyond all entanglements
all these lifetimes
the Great Wheel
the grip of my intention
intensely holds
as I bring every aspect
I can
into the moment
a buck in the wood
the boy alive and golden
dreaming of a maiden
he would someday become one with
and awaken that he was as one with...
the wind in the tree tops
water flowing below
feet slipping on moss covered roots
the gravity letting go
bodies slipping into heaven
as he slips into you
beyond and within
within and beyond
within and without
there is nowhere I go
that is not me
that is not you
how can this be?

Some aspect
some ancient spark
resides in you and me
that is bound up within heaven
a Gift of the original Source
and has as its infinite self
a knowing
that permeates every cell
every aspect
ever breath
and every moment ever lived
ever been
bringing clarity
a knowingness
that has led us
incrementally to the Logos
but one
that was never writ
which we write
upon our hearts
and this age
that we will not forget
but remember.

Forgetting was the way of the past
now we remember why we came here
each in our own time
as the waves come lapping
at you
begs you
let go
as your soul is seeded
by your masculine
and your feminine
brought together
for the reason
He pulls her close
reminds her
how her inner fire could burn
and she reminds him
all that he forgot
that is in her
the heavens roll and turn
as the winds of forever
push into us an awakening
of our dual selves
brought together
by the Christed
Unity Consciousness
ready to break the chains of
the self made oppression
all born out of the rift
the fracture
the break
we all made
children we are
building a house of cards
laughing as we knock down such sacred edifices...
so that we might mend
and return
and turn golden and blue
as yin and yang
surges through us
a flow unimaginable.

We are being prepared
for limitlessness---
it asks us
are we ready
at each scale
a new level
a new harmonic
Let the old arguments go
they cannot ride this train...
the train is in the station
time to go
come lets go
just let it drop
no baggage at this stop
no it wont fit into this next world
that we have crafted for ourselves.
but warm and gentled by the knowing
that we are returning to a new garden.

We are the new breed
burgeoning the infinite
in each other
what lies in the other
yet expresses singularly
whole in its own way.
Bound up in this cosmic family
turning and revolving
and remembering
letting this moment pass
as our hands mold a new future
its in our hands
our collective Dream
it is We who dream it.
it is we who make it.
At these levels
the mirror is simply the means to an end
but just as we are they
the mirror is our creation
a way to create the universe....


So come, slow yourself
I need to grasp you
all around me
as your infinite self
within me
is awakened by my presence
as mine is stirred by you
and who knows you as the One
who has always been
but one that is both forged in the moment of Knowing
as well as that which has always been...a merging of the finite
with the infinite.
So singular has been this
it has rested within like a half remembered dream
somewhere somewhere out there she lives
but she was nowhere
that I was not
she was an aspect of me
pulled apart in a beginning of beginnings
back before this cycle began
before then
but outside of time
so still and paradoxical to recall
you grew around me
and me around you
until one growing aspect split from the other
it did not seem hurtful
but could have contained agony
for my remembering
awakens in increments as I am ready.
We have each turned around this globe
this wheel in opposite directions
with opposing energies
as we wound
through the world
ready for the divine union
that would come
as we served that part of us
mirrored within the All
the All of you
The All of me
turning and becoming
as we move to the next cycle
the next great chakra
in a still larger body
turning cosmic
just as this love
knowing no bounds
it is ours to discover
and Be.

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