Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Secret Path

How do I tell the world
that we love through intention?
How do we love beyond this form?
What is the means by which we love?

Everything resolves into energy
everything is supported by it
through it
because of it.
There is not rule,
no method
nothing you need to know
except to be true
and real
and the miracle of it will emerge
because consciousness creates more of itself
and so simple it is to create a method that works
if you believe in it enough
just don't make religions based on the method
or forget
its all about intent.

So when I move my hand across you
even from thousands of miles away
all I do is think of your energy body
your physical body
the place where they intersect
and feel into that....
and as I do I can locate you
regardless of where you are
and feel deeply into your field
you smile and look at me
as eddies of bliss rise up around you
as you show me
you can barely stand it
but you manage a smile and say
its the essence that is me
the essence that is you
the essence that combines
to make our Triad
that is our individual beings joined
and no method is necessary
you say
just being true
and real.
The rest, we are designed to know,
and recognize.

So the method is magic
for we are that magic
the reason why we have been killed in the past
and are here now to forgive and forget
creating now
driving now
a spiritual renaissance
as we bring the sacred feminine forward
where she belongs
as her presence calms her Him
and awakens him to whole new levels
as he shows Her what his divine Essence can do
by simply being Present.

First you feel yourself
free your heart
and let the love flow
not a thought of love
but the very pulse of love
that has scared popes and the pious
for its power
which was in truth beyond all of them
but well within reach of each of us
for those content without the control
content to let it lead.

When it does lead
your hands will move
and you will watch
and feel into it
a willing participant
it will lead you
becoming part of you
but will lead you beyond it
if you are willing.
It is so simple to simply be...

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