Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breaking Free

There seems to be a correlation between Awakening and a shift in how one begins to see the world, or relate to it.  For me, the world was beginning to seem different to me.  There was a conspiratorial edge to all of this in the beginning which felt like an underlying sense that all was not as it should be in the world, and a general sense that all was not well here.  Something was off kilter, not right, and it seemed as though the obvious was being decried as conspiratorial bunk.

We live in a world where information is controlled, fed based on what those higher powers wish us to hear.  Its not pure evil, its simply greed, because behind it is a need to keep an old outmoded system running that does not play fair.  Its a battle for the mind, for if you can control information from the top, you can control it throughout the system.  There are numerous examples of this, and its hardly surprising, but it happens.  There remain so many unanswered questions to what happened on 9/11 that it warrants a new investigation.  Explosions in the basement observed by work crews before a plane ever hit.  Molten metal pouring out of the building even though jet fuel does not burn hot enough to cause metal to melt.  Some have offered that the metal we see is actually aluminum, which does melt at a lower temperature.  However, being involved in the foundry process and as someone who has experience melting these metals, aluminum does not get hot enough to emit radiation.  This only happens once you get above a thousand degrees.  Only then does metal show emissivity.  Aluminum wont ever do this.   When molten, it looks like liquid aluminum, or precisely like what mercury looks like at room temperature.  Its shiny.  Not brilliant as the video footage shows, red and orange sparks flowing alongside this molten metal.  And if this happened, then what caused metal to become molten like this if jet fuel could not do it?  And why would firemen observe and report on seeing "molten metal running down the rails as if you were in a foundry" weeks after the collapse?  This is not explained.  Its a technical impossibility, and its not something that will go away.  Despite this and independent testing results that show conclusively the presence of an engineered form of thermite, something called "nano-thermite" which is used to not just cut steel, but vaporize it, the public still wants to follow the story fed to them by mainstream press, which is that nothing untoward is going on. Thousands of engineers and architects who have looked into what happened on that day have banded together to explain to the public that the collapse of the three buildings on 9/11 (there were three not two, and each were perfectly symetrical collapses) were a statistical impossibility.  Never in the history of steel frame buildings has ANY building collapsed due to fire.  The towers were designed to take a direct hit from a large airliner.  While the jets that struck the buildings on that day were larger than the ones that were used to determine how to protect from such catastrophic collapses, many architects who have studied this issue closely tend to agree that what happened on 9/11 simply does not follow facts in the real world.

There were explosions in the basement BEFORE the first plane hit, for example.  Numerous eyewitnesses reported explosions going off before the planes hit, explosions so severe and so close (not from above) that they reduced the basement levels to rubble.  These explosions were described as like grenades that went off over a long time frame.   These were not explosions from above, but came from the basement, pushing witnesses upward, not pushing down ceiling times as happened when the plane DID hit (these are two very different kinds of events and centered in the building very differently).  Some videos on this here.  While it has been edited in a distracting way, the testimony is important. 

It is interesting to note that Rodriguez and his coworkers contacted the 9/11 Commission to tell them their story, to include the evidence of explosions before planes hit the buildings, and their calls were never returned, there was never any follow up and their accounts were never entered into the evidence as presented.  Further, when a NIST official gave a talk to media about their findings, he was asked about molten metal in the buildings, he claimed no knowledge despite numerous well documented and televised accounts of officials and citizens all observing extremely high temperatures, hot enough to melt steel. Even Rudy Guiliani commented to the 911 Commission that there were temperatures in excess of 1500°F. in the rubble (metal glowing red hot) months after the buildings fell, and yet NIST has continued to deny the evidence before them.  For engineers and scientists, this is not mere incompetence.  Regardless, many Americans  continue to buy into the mainstream press's assertion that all of this was caused by planes crashing into the buildings. 

When we entered the Vietnam war, our most decorated naval ship the U.S.S. Liberty was attacked by unmarked fighter jets that officers aboard described as being consistent with Israeli fighter jets strafed the carrier for an hour, seeking to sink it.  On a phone call with President Johnson, Macnemara overheard Johnson calling off air support by a fleet in the area, saying "call off the wings!"  explaining that he wanted to see the ship go to the bottom of the ocean.  The assumption was that Johnson wanted to garner as much outrage over this incident as possible in order to have a reason for entering the Vietnam War.  Without a direct attack, it would have been hard for Johnson to rationalize or make a case for entering such an action as he did.  We now know that the Gulf of Tomkin Incident as it is now called was part of a false flag operation that brought us to war.  For those who think this kind of behavior is an aberation, or an isolated event,  consider that only a few year previous, during the Kennedy Administration,  acts of false flag terror were submitted by a member of the Joint Chiefs as a way to get the U.S. to attack Cuba. Some of the incidents called for the U.S. to shoot down a U.S. plane full of college students returning from Spring break in South America over Cuban airspace and blame it on Castro.  Another scenario suggested flying a plane out of a Chicago airport, land it at a CIA base, place the same numbers on the tail as was on the commercial liner and fly it over Cuban airspace where it could be shot down by our own missiles while blaming it on Castro.  The memo suggested that by filming fake footage of bodies being burned, the public out cry would be so great that a war with Castro would be all but assured.

You can download the original document, obtained via a FOIA request here.

Now, for as doom and gloom as all of that may seem, the other side to the shadow in all of this is the light, and this is the good part.  Part of waking up is seeing the world for what it is and choosing to experience the light rather than staying in the shadows, which is where the likes of Dick Cheney have remained.  Waking up means seeing things more clearly, but also not just falling for the truth of shadow, but the truth of our divinity.  We have freewill, free choice, and part of this means choosing the light.  Only there can you laugh at the absurdity of what we have chosen to build here, the idea that this is all there is.  It isn't.  Within us is the equal capacity for shadow and light, and part of waking up is choosing where we are going to focus our energies.  For as hard as it might be to know that bad things happen and people lie about it, the truth is, this has always been the case.  People have all chosen to do good or ill because of free will.  By changing ourselves, by choosing the light, we actually change the vibration of Collective Consciousness.  We change our species from the inside out.  By loving ourselves first, we are more able to love others in a divine way, which means that the good rain falls on ALL.  This bestowal is what the divine does.  Its life force, which is love and compassion flows to all. What we choose to do with it is a choice.  Always we have choice.  And beyond this world is the womb of the All.  For as precious as it is here, this is not all there is.   Its a ride, a glorious ride, but nothing more.  Its the universe waking up in its dream and asking "Hey, what the heck?  What was I just dreaming a moment ago!!!???"  And so we wake up. Piece by piece, person by person, we turn this inside out. Sweep out the cobwebs and hope that the species continues to wake up.  As this happens, though, there is a kind of drawing back on the part of those not awakened.  The balance is upset as a shift occurs. We do not need to continually teeter between the yin and yang.  We can shift the gears and enter a whole new way of operating.  We can bring it up a notch.  The next step will be people waking up who will have to grapple with their shadow side who have stayed in the shadows.  They will need a lot of compassion, love and understanding so that they will not languish in fear but marinate themselves in the bliss that their souls have craved since day one.  Sure, there are killers amongst us. Killers of people who are themselves immortal.  Bodies will die, but souls will continue. Am I minimizing our place here as a species?  Never.  In truth, this is like a dream within a still larger dream.  Its a lovely dream with money to be made, lives to protect, ideas to defend, and battles to be fought.  But still, its a bit like a dream, and we are in it.  Why do you think we have so many movies touching up on this idea lately? Its swimming inside the Collective.  Its gurgling up.  We are taking the Red pill. The deeper truth is that we dont need to take a pill and we wont see the truth as something horrible, just as it is, which is the result of greed and shortsightedness.  Its why Jesus turned over the tables in the Temple over their hoarding the half-sheckle which was the form of tribute paid by the Jews at that time.  it was a money making scheme and the bankers were allowed into the holiest of places, the Temple.  Well, folks, the same thing is happening now.  You and I can choose different.  We can do the good and BE the good.  And then, as we grow in number, how many crooked people will there be to fill Congress of the White House?  Slowly, the face of even our worst institutions will change.  It wont be a sudden revolutionary movement, but a gentle rocking of that baby into another dream where something different is experienced and brought to be.  Maybe you think that is pie in the sky or fanciful thinking, but its how it will happen short of violent overthrows and aggressive acts.

When we wake up we will simply say "no more" and because all of us will be saying it, there wont be a need to change anyone's minds.  For we will Be That.

Waking up is a pretty radical shift at first.  Over time, its seen in broader perspective.  This is not to say that we sit idly while unjust things happen.  You have a voice and YOU can choose to use it.  Will it matter if the powers that be don't want change?  Slowly, change will come for we WILL be the change.  We will teach our children something different and they will respond without even thinking.  They will esteem this new way without thinking twice.  Slowly, we will change.  We have already changed.  We have shown that a man or woman doesn't have to be judged just for the color of their skin.  We followed the Constitution, and we did so largely peacefully as Dr. King's movement showed, and just as Gandhi's movement showed.  It CAN be done.  And it can change the world.  It already has.  And it will continue to do so.

Do not fear the shadow, for it is a new dawn. Soon, it will all be light....

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