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The Matrix

In the movie The Matrix, you can find the fundamental idea that the world is not as it seems.  Within the world that the Cohen Brother's created, we find that the world of human experience is at the crossroads of technology, perception, and just what is reality.  By essentially "hacking" into every body, every mind, on the planet, an alien force is able to derive energy and sustenance from us in what  one of the characters of the movie describes the human as being essentially a battery.....a form of energy.   The thing is, the world can be one of these lower life forms seeking sustenance, or it can be one where we take greater control of ourselves and what we put out for thew world to mirror.  That is right.  The world is one big mirror.  People are attracted because they have the same energy.  They don't even KNOW they are attracted.  Some of it is based in very negative stuff, some very positive.  The world shows us the images that are us.  Nothing is accidental.  If you ask deep enough, you will see that everything is following a set of parameters and even expectations, and beliefs about what is and is not possible.  The matrix has you, especially if you cannot conceive of something more uplifting than what was in the Matrix movies.  We do not win the world by fighting.  We win by releasing and following the divine flow.  Its actually completely opposite from what you might have been taught.  You have to WORK hard at all of this.  No, you have to release those inconsistent beliefs, those things that do not reflect your own inner alignment with your divinity.  But to see the world change, you DO need to be engaged with something of a process, yes. 

So the matrix movies was about this sense that the world was not quite as it seemed.  I would argue that the world of violence and fear need not be, and that includes the fear that seems to be part of the characters who are struggling against this machine world, a world devoid of human feeling.

Now what I find so interesting is how in many aspects this is actually quite true, that the Matrix movies reflect a certain sense that things aren't quite what they seem.....but that this view also is steeped in the shadow of aggressive behavior, fear, and frustration. as well as the sense that things have all gone awry and that the reality is perhaps scarier than the fantasy being fed to us.  This is a dark world with a weird green cast.  Its everything that the natural world is not.  The Matrix movies are a reflection not just of a sense of truth but also of the truth of where the people who conceived the tale were at as well.  As a result of this, we find that the effort to change one's world view, or to change the world must involve some physical struggle, with guns, cars, and explosives.  Everything actually mirrors the energetic of the Cohen Brothers, their investors, and the viewing community at large since we all buy into it in one way or another, either by buying a movie ticket or watching a video of these movies.

I would like to suggest to you that the truth is that the Matrix is anything and everything you can imagine.  When it comes to spiritual energy being focused in a reality like the physical, there are a set of rules that are the foundation for our having a common and predictable experience.  But within this predictability lies a range of movement which is the result of our forming of the events that move atop this unchanging foundation.  We can choose shadows and guns and bombs blowing up or we can choose to shift into bliss and let all of those worrisome things drop.  We do not even NEED to war with anyone to change this world because when you simply shift your vibration and remove your limiting beliefs about hwo you THINK the world works, you actually change that world.

I know.  Its not sexy.  It doesn't have seven car crashes in the first five minutes but its even more heart stoppingly amazing because of how this world will make you feel.  I will suggest to you that an Awakening is about union of the self.  This means union of all sides of you, which includes your shadow portions that might lead you to darker places, but once unified with your higher self, these parts are actually transmuted in a sense, balanced against the light side so that its now no longer just dark but a rich tapestry of being.  Likewise, the chemistry of fear, which is mirrored as adrenaline in your body, is likewise balanced and thus transmuted through the application of the mirror dopamine.  You see, these chemicals in the body are actually mirror chemistry for the spiritual, energetic or nonphysical state within you that has started all of this body chemistry.  Your body is a mirror of this energy and will respond instantly to fear by building adrenaline that gets shot out immediately.  But when you gain control over this system, you become its master and what you learn very quickly is that by balancing adrenaline with dopamine, you create an amazing cocktail of ascendancy chemistry that will leave you breathless and alive!

Experiencing adrenaline is not enough.  Adrenaline alone will strip you down very quickly.  Its very hard on your system.  If you do not learn how to add dopamine into your body through controlling your energy, your thoughts, and thus your body, you will simply feel the fear molecule at work.  What you need to do is to learn how to balance the two, fear and bliss together.  People who jump off bridges and from planes do so not just for the adrenaline rush, but for the mixture of the adrenaline AND dopamine that go together.  Dopamine gives a feeling of well being in the midst of the rush of energy.  Without the dopamine, you simply feel fear.  On the other side of this chemistry is just feeling dopamine.  If you just feel dopamine, it will bring a great sense of peace, but it will also bring an amazing sense of innactivity, a desire to withdraw from the world, or from life.  It quiets you, makes you blissed out, yes, but it also lacks a certain dynamic quality.  In the world of awakening, with the surge of dopamine, you need a surge of something else to help bring up the volume across the board and keep balance, but balance at a whole new level.  Thus adrenaline and dopamine are for now the mirrors of our inner spiritual chemistry, which is itself what alchemy is all about.

Now if you have followed me thus far, you are now just at the beginning stages of something pretty big, which is how you conceive your reality.  If you can overcome your sense of needing to fight against the order of chaos and darkness, you will find that it leaves you. Its energy simply no longer mirrors your awareness and belief.  Does this mean that there isn't something going on with chaos and shadow elsewhere?  Certainly not.  It goes on, sure, but you do  not need to take part in it.  You can heal this in your experience, and as you do, the world will also be healed.  HOW you feel is a big deal in all of this because the world, just like your body, will follow your feelings and beliefs.  If you carry the consciousness of fear, you will actually find events that are fearful happening in your life.  You will LOOK for fearful things, you will be ATTRACTED to fearful things and your energy field and awareness will be directed towards fear.  Your body will reflect this by shooting  more adrenaline into your system.  Depending on your own physiology, this could be intense or very under the radar, perhaps even hard to notice, but still the adrenal response is there working in a more subdued way, depending on the intensity of your experience.  Most people have no control over their physiology unless they utilize meditation or mindfulness. You can shift alot in you very quickly by simply being PRESENT.  By limiting how far your drift out of the moment, you can limit your natural tendency to think about what has not yet come to pass and then worry about how what has yet to pass might go awry (that's fear at work).  All of this is nothing you can control, so worrying about it is a waste of time.  You might feel its important, and thus its importance warrants worrying about it, but you are wrong again.  Worry will only breed an energetic that will serve to drop you into a shadowy world like Neo's.  You don't need that.  It can be much more blissful and light-filled.

The world will conform to your feelings.  Your body will conform to your feelings also.  Your beliefs must change if you are to feel a more expansive state of being, or to break out of old beliefs that have served to limit you.  These beliefs can have any number of origins.   Some could be about not having enough in life and the resulting vulnerability that this drives.  The truth though is that this is not something that exists in the world but that exists in you first.  The world is merely reflecting it back to you.  If you feel like you are not worthy of love for some reason, it could be that you wind up with any number of issues related to your self-esteem, mental and emotional state, even body image issues.  You might feel disempowered as a person and as a result, you are never able to rise within your company beyond a meager place.  You might be self employed and find that while you DO experience success, its always with something that comes and steals away your success in some way.  The market goes up only to come down.  You make a nice chunk of money only to see it nearly evaporate the following year.  If you change how you feel and believe, you can change the results of the events that rise up around you.  The world is your body.  And like your body, it will respond perfectly to your feelings and what you put out.  If you begin to shift your awareness away from lack and loss, you actually open your field up to the possibility of attracting something different.  You can even have competing beliefs that express themselves at different times.  I know it may sound a bit crazy, but the self runs the show and when you give yourself permission to think and feel differently, you will be amazed at how quickly events can change in your favor.

Your world can begin to resolve from a shadowy place to a much better place.  It requires constant maintenance so that your feelings stay in the straight and narrow and do not wander off into negativity or fear.  This is what is meant by the straight and narrow.  By doing this, you project all the right kind of energy into your reality so that it literally fills with all the right events that will bring you lasting fulfillment.

When you Awaken kundalini, this effect is increased many fold.  This is what is behind the numerous numerical "syncs" that people talk about, of the odd synchronicities that happen with people who are awakened. It is actually the energy of life force helping to bring events into reality all the faster.  In some cases, the effect can be instantaneous.  You can be thinking of something one moment and be experiencing an aspect of it in the world the next.  I can't begin to tell you how often this happens to me now.

Some examples, which are outlined in the book I am working on:  I have the impulse to go to the nearest body of water.  This feels like an inner command.  Its odd, but I follow.  I go to the nearest body of water and wind up on a walking path, wondering why I was there.  I walked up to a tree that was near the water and then walked around it so that I was very near the shore where this lake was.  There, over a very large limb, was a post that had a small plaque.  This post was entirely obscured by a large and long low-lying limb.  I had to select THAT tree to go around in order to see the plaque. On this plaque I see a quote from a philosopher whose work I did not know.  The philosopher was Teilhard de Chardin.  The quote was how once we learn to master the power of love, we will have learned to master one of the most important  essential forces of nature.

Ok. I noted this, and felt like I had come to see what I had come to see.  I then drove from the pond to someone's house where I saw a book sitting on a table when I came in.  I opened the book and there was a quote from Teilhard de Chardin.  How odd I thought.  Ten minutes after that first happening!  Then, later that day I was in a friend's house and wound up looking in a corner of his room where I saw some videos.  Amongst the videos was a book by Chardin!  I borrowed the book and found most of it to be of little interest.  I flipped the book open to an odd page and found myself on the very page that had the quote from earlier in the day.  As I read these passages, I read about how all of our energy is reflected in a spiritual realm,that we are learning to harness the power of this love to help drive the world forward.  That was one synchronicity.  Not long ago I was thinking how I needed to get a new display for my glass work for shows and fairs.  Five days after this a woman calls me out of the blue and asks me if I would like to buy a barely used display which is made by the same company that made my old one.  The woman had noted that I had this type which a fellow potter had left at her house and never came back for, and she tracked me down two years later to ask if I'd like to buy it.  Normally these cost about $1200.00  I can't afford that kind of money with the way the economy has been.  She offered it to me for $100.00.  Two weeks later, I was thinking how I wanted to paint my mailbox.  The problem was the one I had was plastic and would not take paint very well.  A few days after this, two young men walked up my drive to explain that they had knocked down my mail box.  The came and replaced it for me.  I was able to paint it with wild designs like I had hoped.  The new mailbox was carried to my door.  In another case I sent an email to a local community college's head of curriculum development and explained how I had teaching credentials and a large studio that could handle a number of students.  I was hoping to possibly create a cooperative between education and the industry of art.  As I was exiting the email application I saw I had received an email from someone I had met a year earlier explaining that there was an opening for  teaching positions at two nearby schools.  One of them was at the same community college I had written to.  I wound up getting both jobs. 

I can go on for pages about these odd "syncs" as we call them, but after a while, its just so much stuff.  The bottom line here is that the universe is responding, sometimes IMMEDIATELY to what your thoughts and wishes are.  If you have a competing belief, its possible that your wishful thinking wont bear fruit.  If you are open to the possibilities, the possibilities open to you.  You are the universe, the universe is you.  You are here to learn that the Matrix can be anything you dream it to be.  It can be a dark world with machines and bombs or it can be a much brighter place filled with possibility and opportunity.  If you think that the environment is too tilted against you right now, then that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You have to be able to dream and imagine the possibilities, free yourself from competing beliefs that might keep your imagination from coming true, and then dream big.

Dealing with limiting beliefs is not impossible, but requires realizing that they are there, that they reflect, most often, an unresolved emotional state or karma.  Sometimes these are merely a feeling that the impossible isn't maybe its silly to even try, or that such thinking is pie in the sky.  As long as you think this way, it will BE this way.  You wont take the exercise seriously and it will simply be a waste of time.  And if your competing belief is that its maybe all silly, then it will offer you the evidence that it is so.  You wont even be able to see the other side of the coin before the competing stuff is mirrored and keeps anything unusual or interesting from emerging.  The trick here is to suspend disbelief in more than just a figurative way.  I have seen all kinds of exercises mean to clear the mind of these competing issues and I think they all can work because they all employ INTENT was the first mover.  Intent is really a biggie, but then you also need to be willing to see things differently.  One system has you imagining what you want by putting them into colored balloons and letting the wish go up and away so this wish can get working in the universe.  It can be a lot more direct if you don't use imagery.  If you send up a balloon, who knows how long that might take.  If you realize the universe can respond immediately, then the wish doesn't need to get very far out the door before the universe is forming itself around it.

The Matrix can be anything you want.  There are layers and levels to all of this, and it requires getting clear on any competing memes bound up inside of you.  Resolve those, and you are free to begin navigating the universe in a different sort of way.  Instead of the world happening TO you, it happens more BECAUSE of you.  If your world has shadows, you might want to look at that carefully.  But dealing with shadow isn't with swords and armor.  Its by letting the attachment to shadow go.  Just let go.  Let its vibration drop away enough so that more constructive vibrations to show through and predominate.  Its important to examine your feelings.  If you wish for something but wind up with something less than excited, ask yourself what the origin of that less than excited happy feeling is from.  Underneath it will likely be some unresolved hurt or a feeling like maybe you aren't worthy.  All of this is mere self-esteem issues, a lack of self love.  When you love yourself, you don't ask for things that will be bad for you.  You will naturally orient your life events towards more positive outcomes.  You don't always need to know right off that there is a problem, but you will very likely FEEL it.  You might not KNOW what it is, but that is okay, you don't need to know.  Your feeling will help you to relate to it if you are open enough.  By orienting yourself in this way, you actually begin the dialog in the same language of the universe.  FEELING.  Its not words, incantations, or any of that.  Its FEELING.  If you can express your wishes in a pure joy and happiness and excitement over having them be fulfilled, the likelihood that they will happen as you envisioned has just increased  a hundred-fold. 

As you begin this process of self reflection, you will very likely discover still deeper layers that need to be examined and those limiting feelings released.  As you do, you are on a path of inner alchemy that will build steam.  Releasing just one big issue from your insides can be enough to trigger a flood of energy into your body.  This was very much how I awoke.  I had what amounted to a log-jam inside of me, a kind of computer subroutine that was on infinite loop and was eating up hard drive space.  When I deleted that computer code, the hard drive was suddenly freed up to contemplate and FEEL a whole other world.  I awoke, and began feeling into the Collective Consciousness of humankind.  This was a game changer.  It's a world changer, for as you change yourself, you also change the world.  Sound impossible?  This dynamic feedback is exactly how these systems work, and in a future post I will cover healing the world.  Its not just possible, but it happens every day.


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