Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Path To Awakening

You live as though you are awake, but a part of you sleeps.  You think and feel and believe it to be what you are.  You are more.  When you feel deeply you touch upon hints of what can be within you.  Somehow, you have been cut off from the universe, but its been so long, you don't even remember the day it happened, or that it happened at all. 

This world does a lot to keep people in a scattered and seperated state of consciousness.  There is much that is created and driven that quite naturally keeps you distracted and unaware of the elephant in the room.  I used to feel like this was some kind of conspiracy, and while some insist it is, I suspect its more innocent than that.  Its merely the blind leading the blind.  What else more can they do?  A person who is awake will sound like a total lunatic because s/he can see.  And what they see is absolutely revolutionary.  And it changes them in a very significant way, and it makes them seem different.  And the blind cannot believe that a sighted person could see such things.  It just sounds like nonsense.  And so the blind are happier being led by still blinder people than even they are.  The sighted most often get shot or crucified or assasinated.  This is how deeply ingrained the blindness is in your kind. 

We make things that keep us distracted because we aren't aware there is something more to fix our attention on that is more worthwhile.  We enjoy having a fragmented awareness because it FEELS like we are busy and being industrious.  What we are doing is splintering the self and creating a habit of dividing awareness away from the unified beam that is your higher consciousness. It is true we are many things, many petals all on the same flower, but in order to know what you are in your higher or larger context, you cannot be scattered.  You have to be unified.  You actually have to begin to vibrate in the same way that your higher self vibrates.  And it does vibrate.  It does INTEND.  It does focus in a certain way.  And if you can begin to fall into that alignment, you will begin to hear the voice of your greater being speak to you in a language so broad you might not even think of it as language.....dreams, visions, seeming hallucinations, intuitions, extrasensory perceptions. 

The way toward awakening is by becoming more unified. And what is this unification?  What does it taste smell or look like?

Some people reach it through meditation, but most simply awaken without diets or postures or mantras or any of that.  I was told by a guide early on that the race was ready for simply stepping into this higher form of consciousness now.  It suggested to me that Awakenings would be on the increase. And they have, most certainly.  What happens in an awakening is when the self becomes more unified, less distracted.  The ego moves back just a bit as the feeling self is allowed more room.  There are some ancient texts that were ordered burned when the Christian church was first being formed that turned up in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, discovered in 1945 and named for the town near where they were discovered in Egypt.  In them Jesus explains how two eyes become one, how the masculine becomes the feminine, and how a woman becomes a man.  He is explaining the process of inner unification that takes place as the alchemy of the self begins. If you can imagine that you have two wires at the top of your head that have been pulled out of their connections.  One wire is the positive and one wire is the negative.  Positive flows to the negative and they move in this way such that a circuit is made.  The two are made one and the lights come on.  if you can think of it that way, it might help you to understand that your being begins to move closer into itself so that the maculine energy that is you merges into the feminine energy that is you.

I know what you are thinking.  We have a lot of hangups about sex. Manly men, many of them, often tend to be a little homophobic.  Women can be just as scared and intimidated by gay women.  The truth is, though, every single person has both masculine and feminine in them.  Its what rocks the universe. Its what keeps the lights on.  Its life force.  Its how it is constructed. This cycling of energy is what keeps the energy moving and creative.  When these two energies move into unity there is an explosion of bliss which is orgasmic.  Orgasmic energy no longer is kept in the base chakra or limited to the genitals.  This energy flows through you as if some wildfire has been unleashed.  This is what some call the awakening of the serpent fire out of the base or root chakra and into the rest of the body.  The masculine and feminine within you connects and begins to build ever greater amounts of energy as you learn to hold ever greater amounts of it.  And to what end?  The end is the means, and the means is bliss. This is establishing a new baseline way of feeling.  Before, it was as though you were dead and you awoke.  This is exactly how it has been described in some of the early Christian texts when they described resurrection. The resurrection was when an individual awakened.  If you read these texts, its curious how they were set aside, ordered cast out of doctrine.  These were the very words that gave voice to what the kingdom was/is all about.  Kundalini began to move in them, it animated them, it arose through them like a torrent moving up the spine.  You can choose to think of it as two serpents, or any number of things, but all of these will simply be descriptions and not the thing itself.  All of this will simply be an image, and the image, if not chosen clearly will paint a distorted picture of what it is intended to describe. The point I am making is that you have both of these currents in you. Every particle that IS has these currents.  Everything has a positive and negative charge.  Everything.  The entire world is holographic, built on this principle down to the most elementary particles.  Everything emerged OUT of this singular principle. And when you can merge these two in your self, and feel them dance, you have awakened. 

...or on your way to awakening. 

The way that you awaken may be an entire mystery.  For some it is this way.  I certainly didn't do anything intentional to awaken it. I sometimes meditate, but not regularly.  I suspect that for me, the release came when I released an old guilt I had carried about my spiritual path.  When I let go of that, my energy soared. Everything began to change after that.  I had been holding so much of my own energy hostage without realizing it, I had literally had become distracted and tying myself up in knots.  When the knot came undone, I was no longer able to be the person I had been before.

Within you is a place where you are unified.  It is a feeling. It bring bliss and it can also bring anxiety for how strong it is (this is ego talking).  But as you surrender like a lover to it, the bliss flows and unity is yours.  Healing begins apace and you are on your way to becoming your more Essential Self, the personages Jesus described as the Father and Mother (Holy Ghost).  It is also what happens in the Hindu conceptualization when Shakti and Siva merge together in the crown (the truth though is they merge at the very beginning and flow up together....but that is another story).

When you become one, you will know this kingdom....

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