Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dropping Pain Body

(Work In Progress)

One aspect of Awakening is a more acute awareness of karmic issues and old traumas through the medium of the energy body.  People who are awakened can have such exruciation pain in their bodies that they go to see doctors, always to no avail.  Its not real physical pain, but the effect of awareness of the buried pain now being brought to the fore.  All of this is a transmutation of that pain into joy.

The presence of the pain body can be  positive thing in that you are now aware of something you weren't aware of before.  This is a first important step.    The next step is to release what the energy has brought into your awareness.  Its a simple thing; its either pain or bliss.  You know the bliss and you know the pain, and you may know a blend of the two. Letting it all go, ceaseing identification with the issues that you cannot wrestle with, improve, fix or even patch that well, is in line with how our own healing takes place.  If we had been capable of healing it, it would have been healed by now; most hurts are ingrained from lifetimes ago....our hardest issues are those that have repeated over and over and over again.  Lime a theme, a cord running though all of our lives.  Ultimately, no matter the details, it all comes down to love.  In the end, all of this....everything in this world comes down to SELF love. Can you allow yourself to feel the love of the universe so powerfully that YOU are able to let go of everything that stands in the way of the experience?  Can you cease trying to compare yourself against another, or whether you got as much love as another, or whether you measured up in the eyes of others. 

The pain that you feel is the result of sitting at the table of life and reaching across that table seeking the love and approval of others instead of allowing the bliss field to resolve deep within you.  Absent that, a crack or fracture has developed.  Its against the true function of becoming; fix yourself and that singular act prepares you for meeting the perfect bliss of the universe instead of perceiving it through the distorted lens of karma.....any emotional frailty that leads to expectations that are unrealistic.  By knowing that YOU are o.k. first, you can begin to effect the release you need in order for your energy body to begin to disassociate itself with the energetic pattern you have clung to for so long.  Which is it?  Lack of love?  Abuse?  Poverty?  Some guilt could resolve as a pain in your heart.  A disconnect between your deeper bliss field and your feelings could result in a root chakra that is overactive.  Anything that has been suppressed rise to the surface more active than ever. 

(Work In Progress)

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