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Everything Is Energy

(Note:  I am still working on this piece---there are some structural issues that will be dealt with soon enough, so apologies in advance....)

Everything you see around you is made up of energy.  Physical matter is energy.  Light is energy, and so is the rest of the EMS (Electromagnetic Spectrum) which includes things like radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays, etc.).  Your thoughts are energy, and your consciousness is a part of this whole universe of energy.

When you give someone a smile, you are actually creating a transfer of energy.  When you talk, its a transfer. When you pay someone a compliment, that is a transfer. When you do work and want to have that work turned into something that you can use to trade other things with, that too is a transfer. All work is based on a transfer.  The way we notice this transfer is through money most often.  We have coins and bills that our governments issue that serve as the symbol for work done.  Its a system. Within this system are banks, and they take money and invest it so they can create more energy from your own energy.  They pay you interest while they promise to keep your energy safe.  When you do what they do, you are taking out a loan and you pay THEM interest.  More often than not, the system is slanted towards the banks.  They aren't in the business of making a small amount of money, they like to make as much as they can get.  This has had some pretty ridiculous consequences due to human greed, which is pretty common a thing in the world.

A long time ago a man became incensed at what was happening at the Jewish temple in regards to the bankers, who were called money changers at the time.  These money changers had been allowed into the temple in order that they could do trade with the people who came to worship and pay their tithes, also called tribute back in the day.  Now in the traditional story as told to modern day Christians, its made out that the man who was so incensed over this, named Jesus, was upset over the blasphemy of doing trade in the temple. It was a way of degrading the sacredness of the temple. I am here to tell you that what Jesus was upset about was in truth a little different, and it was probably enough to get him killed.  I have written about this before, so bear with me as this goes a little deeper than just a historical example.

Jesus was upset because what was happening at that time was that the money changers were doing something in the temple that was unfair to the common people.  The money changers discovered that if they hoarded the money that they were empowered by the temple bureaucracy (Pharisees), it would mean more for them in the exchange.  You see, the Jews did not use just ANY money to pay their tithes.  They believed that money from Rome was essentially pagan money, with a pagan image on its front.  It might have been a  pagan leader or some god or goddess.  As a result of this, Jews had a coin minted called the half shekel.  You may have heard of the shekel before, used to speak colloquially as money.  Well, they Jews used the half shekel for this way of paying tribute. It was a silver coin, and farmers would come into town to pay tribute and would trade something for this coin.  It was some form of real object that they could carry into the city such as a goat, or baskets of grain. They would give the grain or goat to the money changers and they would get coin in exchange. The problem was that since the money changer were hoarding the money, it meant that it was more rare and anything that is rare winds up costing more money. This all meant that people were paying more energy into the system than what they were used to getting out.  This became a form of tax upon the people.  One year a farmer might pay a goat for the shekel, but under the hoarding scheme, they had to pay two goats.  It was unfair, and what Jesus was doing was pulling back the curtain on some rather shady dealing in the church.  While it was a kind of blasphemy, it was simply unfair. 

Money has been the source of manipulation for a very long time.  In our own country we didn't have a cohesive form of exchange until Lincoln instituted a government currency in order to pay war debt. For Lincoln it was a boon because it meant he could print his own money out of thin air. Before that time, there were numerous currencies issued by numerous banks all across the union.  What Lincoln did was to put to use a provision in the Constitution that said the Treasury can do this. He decided to do this after going to a bank in New York to ask for a loan.  When the loan was with some ridiculous amount of interest (about 30%), Lincoln said thank you no and went home, unsure what path to take.  One of his advisers explained what the Constitution said and he took the bold move out of necessity and no one got upset (he thought the people would get upset). His scheme allowed him to not only pay for the war, but allowed him to do so without debt attached to that money.  This was a pretty fair form of exchange.  As long as you do not flood the market with too many dollars, you keep the value of the money at a decent level.  Once the Federal Reserve got in the act of making our money, they stood to make huge sums of money, all in as opaque a fashion as one could imagine.  It also spawned the growth of other central banks all over the world.  Could these banks all be owned by a select elite few?  Is our own Fed tied to the IMF?  Certainly the IMF is deeply connected to the U.S. system, and these are all just banks.  People want to give them a more lofty designation, but this has all been a scheme to make them look governmental.  They aren't.  They are private banks with very private agendas, with entire governments on the line which are beholden to them.  Considering how energy works, do you think this is a good way to run an economy?  In the words of  Bruce Hornsby, There's Going To Be Some Changes Made....

What follows is the last speech a British politician Christopher Story gave before the House of Lords before what some have suggested is a highly curious death.   There is some problems concerning banking, the U.S., the E.U. and Britain along with Ireland and Scotland.  When viewed in relationship with the videos that follow of Lord Blackheath, there are some interesting lines that appear to connect back to the Federal Reserve, Chinese gold, and general banking corruption on the part of our own Federal Reserve, which many have suggested is a bank who has ties to other banks throughout the world, most notably those banks that operate like the Fed, which are banks that loan money to corporations and the government.  They effectively create the money out of thin air.  When you consider that for the last few years Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas in the House of Representatives has been pushing a bill that has been gaining great popularity in both houses of Congress to audit the Federal Reserve (forcing it to open its books for the FIRST time EVER in its 100 year history), and the moves that the Fed has been making lately in trying to make its image look better (there has been unprecedented outreach to the likes of 60 Minutes which was given the opportunity the last few years to do an "expose" of the Fed ---which was anything but) by perhaps inoculating itself some in the minds of the public from even having such a bill come through the Congress for such a move of transparency.  With so little known, but so much suspected about what these banks have been up to (such as funding wars on the opposite side from the U.S., funding the Hitler regime (see Prescott Bush and his involvement in banking and also overthrow of the U.S. through a very real military coupe here), you would think some transparency would be good. Now, on the heels of a very hushed up story about billions in U.S. bonds being sold, a story you will get at the end, the following videos begins to suggest that all of this could be part of a global empire that has reached a point of near-collapse if they are found out.  The hope, I suspect, is that the U.S. dollar can be crashed (its close to that already) and then the banks can step in and suggest an alternative to our bad currency, which will result in what happened in Europe, which was a common currency. Bear in mind what Story has to say and then consider that there are people who are wanting to get their hands clean of a whole bunch of money, which was very likely drug or black money, all made in illegal ways which would not benefit the company (as Blackheath calls them) were the truth of it to get out. This is of course conjecture, since the deeper truth has not yet been found out, but parts of this global money scheme is beginning to show through and while its big and while none of it is being reported in the mainstream press (you should not be surprised since media is corporate owned and also serves similar interests to it even if the very banks do not own a stake, the same group of elites do and they are all in it with a common interest, and birds of a feather fly together....)

Now bearing in mind what Christopher Story said in this, his last speech, consider what Blackheath has to say about what he has uncovered.....

It gets even more amazing, perhaps unbelievable when Blackheath drops yet another bombshell on the House of Lords in this speech, from November of 2010.  Remember the issue with the amount of gold owned because it will come up in the story as told by Benjamin Fulford to David Wilcock. 

 Now at this point you might be wondering what this has to do with energy.  With money being a simple exchange of energy, and with the manipulation of this energy happening whereby the deeds of a few result in bubble economies (with the banks KNOWING when the bubbles will come and thus can insulate themselves from losses!) then you can perhaps begin to realize that as the currency in your country slowly goes downhill over generations, you might realize that this "inflation" is actually in truth deflation.  Its a deflation of the value of the currency.  YOU do not have any control over this.  This is a huge power play by people at the top, and is one reason why we need to become more proactive in making sure that our monetary systems stay OUT of the hands of those huge banks made to look like government institutions.  These are, after all, the money changers reincarnated.  Okay.  So back to the meat of this pretty fresh story unfolding before our eyes.....

The next link is to an interview with Benjamin Fulford who used to write for Forbes and who quit due to growing censorship.  Fulford wrote financial material that put him in constant contact with heads of corporations and heads of state.  In the wake of this interview and other stories of the exact same seizure of bonds on the Italian border, there came a wave of top level bankers' resignations (here in the U.S.!) as well as here and here (these are all VERY current AND each story cites "turmoil" or some other "row" as being the reason!).  This all gets very interesting, and begins to lend credence to the thesis presented by Fulford in the form of his own experience with these elite families in Asia, that this comes down to a very large banking cartel who has controlled vast amounts of wealth....just as many of the conspiracy "theorists" have said all along, and who have been exerting huge control over every aspect of life.  Its a long interview, but it serves an interesting purpose which is to provide a historical backdrop to the movement of wealth over a long time span as well as providing some credence to what Blackheath says above regarding the amount of gold owned as being more than what was previously reported.  Myself, its not so difficult to imagine that the amount of gold mined would be kept entirely secret.  After all, didn't the biggest diamond mining operation in the world secretly keep diamond production DOWN so that it could create the illusion of scarcity for their own benefit? What would happen if we were to find out that gold was more plentiful?  It could be used to back currency more easily, doing away with the notion by some in the U.S. that we could not use gold to back money because there isn't enough of it. Realize, also, as an aside, that when Kennedy ordered  silver certificates to be printed, he was assassinated two day later.  Lincoln who created his OWN currency instead of a bank controlled currency also wound up killed.  By removing the gold standard, it also frees up a bank to print as much as it deems appropriate since it is no longer pegged to a valuable metal.

Here is the Fulford interview

Now after all of this, what do you think?  Something is unraveling in high places, and with a recent admission by a member of a European Illuminati group that yes, the Illuminati do indeed exist, and yes, they ARE secretive and DO control vast sums of wealth for power and control, there is a growing sense that the Illuminati has gotten far from its roots as those who help to illuminate the world.  Instead, it has grown into a power structure hungry for control.  Is it possible that those in high places are beginning to wake up some?  Time will tell, but I am hopeful that all of this leads to the outcome I thought would come years ago when I began first seeing the outlines of this system coming into view.....which is that the global awakening would spread even to those places where power is wielded quietly and even secretly.  So remembering the song by Bruce Hornsby, maybe there will be some Changes us and the rest of the world.

I have great hope that goodness will prevail.  But to do this, we must take our power back!  Money should be in the hands of the treasury again and regulated very carefully to keep anyone from the banks out of the process.  It must be entirely transparent since the light of day keeps everyone honest.  Right now the system is anything BUT that. The answer is transparency, not opacity.  In the U.S., this is entirely opaque.  The Fed makes money on printing money by essentially generating debt to which the U.S. is answerable.  This helps the Fed tremendously, which is nothing more than a private bank very VERY private dealings and business.  I will say clearly that any time ANYTHING is allowed to run in secret, very bad things result. Lawlessness, graft, corruption, and worse.   We tell ourselves that this doesn't happen in OUR government, but that's pretty naive and ridiculous even on its face.  IN the wake of the Second World War we brought over Nazi scientists, not just the rocket scientists, but also the Nazi doctors who were engaged in mind control experiments.  This was all done in secret.  Its umbrella name was MK Ultra.  You can look it up.  It was one of the worst chapters in American secrecy to date.  But secrets protect themselves, and our government has kept things hush hush by invoking the State Secrets Act, something that was itself born out of an outright fraud since what was being invoked was to protect wrong doing on the part of the government having to do with the military at the time.  What I am saying is that we have plenty of proof of what secret programs and secret meetings have done to democracy.  This is the money of the American People, and it affects what we can buy or afford when debt goes too high.  We spend too much, and we leave a terrible debt hanging around our necks.  By allowing secrecy to fall, we can keep people accountable.  I for one do not believe that a country survives on secrecy.  Neither did, apparently John Kennedy, as he spoke so presciently in this address:

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Time for some changes to be made.

This is where you can learn more about the effort to pass the Bill to audit the Fed.

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