Friday, February 24, 2012

You Are Magic

I promise that ever single word of this is true, and I swear that if you take this to heart long enough, you will see real change.  Its magic.

The universe responds to magic.  People respond to magic.  Especially small children, because they ARE magic.  They have this moving through their veins and haven't yet shut it down.  Its one reason why people look back on their childhood as a magical time....because it was.  And it can be so again.  Its just a matter of knowing how to feel, what to let go of.

What Your Magic Is

Inside of you is a wellspring of living energy.  The sneaky part is that its you, and its  the universe.  This can trip people up, people like me who want to understand everything in a rational way, but its not something you can rationalize.  So used to individuality and ego, we want to be able to divide the universe and us into neat boxes.  The problem with that is that its a form of separation, and separation kills magic.....until you can learn how to solve that sense of separation in you.  The reason for this is because the universe is designed to work best when things are connected.  Once you see behind the curtain of the universe, you not just know the connectedness, of WHAT is connecting everything, you FEEL it.  And in feeling it, you ARE it.  There is a very special dynamic that takes place between your individual self and your magical self.  When the individual is in the "flow" of the magical self, really amazing things can happen.  The trick, though, is all in feeling.

Your magic is a feeling.  Its such a simple and basic force, its not even thought.  Not a form of thought that you are used to experiencing.  Its a motivating force in all truth.  It is love, it is passion.  It makes events happen, and it makes children smile and people crowd around you. It can also make people crane their necks as they walk past.  We are in fact designed to recognize it, even if we don't know what it is we are "looking" at.  Our broader awareness, our very own magical selves can pick it up.  Sometimes from miles away. Some people have had this happen over thousands of miles.  Magic has no mass, so according to the laws of physics and currently understood, can travel as fast, perhaps faster than the speed of light (which makes it a time traveller, which is kind of cool, and THAT is another story better saved for later!).  Your enthusiasm, your openness, your passion, is all part of this magic.
When you can align your feelings with your beliefs, you can actually cause events to happen that are entirely amazing.  Magical even.

People who have been gifted with an Awakening have this energy unlocked in them, and it causes all kinds of interesting things to happen. I think its time that we understood all of this a little better.  I don't think I am the first person by any means to talk about this.  We have had self-help gurus talking about how we can impact reality with our thoughts.  Shakti Gawain, a student of Jane Roberts' work concerning how one creates reality, wrote a book called Creative Visualization.  Her book taught people practical methods for imagining an outcome they wanted to have happen. They were very good for how visual they were because when you can visualize something, you can better believe that it could happen. This is, in the words of all the self help gurus, an important step in helping your own inner magic move the mountain for you. While I have used Gawain's techniques in the past, I can safely say that the method I emplyed wasn't a method anyone created, and in each case my magic worked perfectly and brought me all of the things I wished for.  I wished for acceptance to the undergraduate and graduate school of my choice.  In each case, I wound up only applying to only one school and got into both.  Now mind you, I didn't have stellar grades.  I was not bolstered by the fact that I had a nearly perfect gpa. I didn't.  Not at all. The wish allowed me to buy a house instead of rent, and it also allowed me to support my new family.  All of these were part of my wishes, and it was as simple as thinking about how much I wanted these things to happen. Once I wished, I simply didn't think about tit all that much.  I didn't obsess over it.  Now that I have had an awakening, I have these really wild coincidences, what Jung called "synchronicity" which goes beyond being JUST coincidence.  Some of my events, which are outlined in the book I am working on, seem to suggest a kind of dialog between the infinite self and the individual self.  Some of these events are the result of inner guidance, while some are the result of my own thoughts. I used to read the self help gurus who said the world is a mirror of my thoughts, but for some reason, I just wasn't seeing the connection.  Now I do because the events that happen are so frequent that I can actually track HOW the events change based on where I am in my life. As I begin to deal with old unresolved anxieties or fears that hold me back, I see that the shape and character of these events change.  So as they say, the universe does mirror us.  Certainly I can see that.  But the thing I want to underline is that its all magic.

You Are Now Free To Practice Magic (promise!)

This is a special place in time.  A few hundred years ago, you could be killed or hanged by the tribunal for practicing magic.  Now, though, its not just allowed, but encouraged.  The simple rule to all of this is that while you can certainly use your magic for things that are not in the highest, the far more productive approach for your own soul is to always seek what is in your highest.  We may not always know what that highest is in the moment, but life is a process, not a sudden arrival.  Be easy on yourself and know that things will continue to brighten layer by layer.  That we are freer than we ever were to approach these things without the fear and demonizing that has gone on in the past by religions that saw magic as a threat to their own power, we can actually reclaim our spiritual birthright.  By falling for the negative, you are simply falling for the intended purpose that such demonizing sows in the mind which is doubt, uncertainty, and fear.  By keeping people in this mode, you keep them from feeling the brighter side of magic, and the truth is that for every light, there is a shadow. It not something that is divided out but is rather something that is part of the other.  Somewhere we sought to divide these things out and it led to a fundamental misunderstanding of how reality works.  Divided, it made for a great way to control people and control power.  By healing this little tear in the fabric of our collective, we can bring shadow and light back together, which is the true reality.  The point in all of this is not to marinate in the shadow, but to keep it close so it can be transmuted.  If you deny something, it drops deep into your innner self and it emerges, always, as dysfunction.  It will arise as an unhealthy fascination with shadow.  By bringing shadow into the light of day, we can actually heal it.  Most of shadow is fear anyway, so being a magical being, that shouldn't be terribly hard.

You are magic.  Remember this.  Just HOW you feel can steer the universe in interesting ways.  It will follow you word for word, belief by belief.....  You can use this feeling inside of you for great work.  It can bring you things you could never have advertised for and gotten a better result (I promise).  The more you can surround yourself with this very infectious and positive energy, the more the world will form itself around your own special magical self.  When you wish for what you want, make sure that you feel how you feel.  When you wish, does that feeling you have feel real clear or do you have some moemntary hesitation?  Do you feel guilty for wishing for something, even if its something you KNOW you need, but feel guilty for asking?  IN cases like this, you will need to clear up that feeling.  Its a roadblock, and it will confuse the energy going out into the wont confuse it...but it will SEEM like its confused.  This approach requires that you be clear about how you feel.  Realize also that if you have some unresolved issue within that you don't know about, it could easily be mirrored in the thing that gets manifested.  Do you remember the stories about the leprechauns or the elves that when caught, had to give you a wish?  And in every instance, while the wish was granted, there was always some unintended consequence attached?  I suspect lurking in those stories is this idea that we DO have stuff inside of us that can serve to bring such unintended elements in a wish, and part of that are those issues within you that you may not even be aware of.  So the great thing in all of this is that IF that happens, pay attention to those troublesome elements.  Note them and realize that they reflect something inside of you.  You might wish for a ton of gold and get it, but you might also wind up having a horde of mongolians on your tail, seeking to steal it.....!

But you are magic, and as you utilize this very magical property within you, the ability to dream and wish big and have it come to pass, you can begin to see just how remarkable all of this stuff is (pssst:  one little catch; you have to believe its possible....that is the price of admission with this approach!).  You can utilize the techniques that all the gurus have been teaching since it will all work of course, because its really just about wishing and focusing on that for a moment and then letting it go. Some might have more elaborate methods, but as long as it focuses your attention and intent, that is really all you need.  All of my wishing was the result of a very quick but very clear moment of feeling just how much I wanted the basic things in my life.  Because I don't think being greedy is good, I asked for modest things, things that would help me in living a more fulfilled life.  Of course, what fulfills one does not fulfill the we are all unique in this respect.

But you are magical, and the more you can bring this font of enthusiasm and joy into your moment, the more powerfully it will work for you in bringing you all the mountains that you need.  People have known about this magic for a very long time.  Even Jesus spoke about it, but his words on how magical it was got a little lost in translation....he said "Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened."  He also said that when you are aligned properly with the spirit when you ask for a mountain to move, it will move.  Some of the old texts did not take into account that Jesus spoke Aramaic and when they got written in Greek, some of the nusances were lost.  Hidden within the Aramiac translations is a nearly perfect description left by one of our old masters about how the magical approach works, and it involves your feeling enthusiastic, joyfull even about the prospect of having the event happen, and then making sure that your own beliefs about the possibility of the event taking place are in alignment with their actually happening. Again, if somewhere deep inside you have some unresolved conflict about getting a ton of gold, well, you will probably have trouble getting it.  Afterall, for as improbable as a ton of gold might seem, Jesus was talking about something even more improbable; literally moving a mountain from a mere wishing!  In my book Waking The Infinite (yes I am STILL working on it) there is a section about the old translations and what Jesus was saying about the language of the cosmos, which makes the cosmos respond to your magical wishing!

That's magic.  And you are IT!  I know it sounds nearly impossible to some of you that this could actually be, but its a great secret.....and to touch it you need to let go your old stodgy notions about how boring life is, how plain and NORMAL life is....because as long as you do that, you are merely mirroring more of the same.  Consider an enthusiastic approach for a few weeks and watch as things begin to change.  Some things will be immediate, others will take a little time, but be patient, its worth it!  Ok, lunch break is over, and I hope that I have filled you with some inspiration for your trek over the next few days.  As the season swings towards spring in the norther hemisphere, there is a sense of perrential hope as life brings forth new life.  It a very hopeful time....and magical too!


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