Monday, February 6, 2012

Cooling It (Coping Skill # 865)

Kundalini is not the wild energy that many would want to make it into.  Its less that the energy is wild and more that the individual is out of sync with this universal energy.  Once you understand that, things can be a lot easier to deal with.

Understanding that the energy responds to your feelings and thoughts is a biggies, but leads back to the first principle I just mentioned.

Any visualization you want or need to do to help calm kundalini will work.  That's because you don't need a system or a guru or some special stamp of certification from the kundalini institute for advanced consciousness.  No, this stuff is as old as the hills, and its kind of the most ancient vehicle for enlightenment and self transformation.  As such, it is entirely free from all of OUR conceptualizations.  Consider it like a meteor falling to earth, cracking open and giving you a view into the fundamentals of how things ARE....all without language or images even.  Its ancient.  And groovy because if you understand its not out to eat you, but to free you, you will have an easier way with it.

Realize that kundalini responds to intent.  If you want the energy to rise, it will.  I generally have about 12 hours after saying "rise" for it to begin to build in intensity.  I don't think its necessarily listening to me as much as my own system is doing what it can to follow or align to my intent.  Its possible, though, that if there is enough conflicting messages swimming around (maybe say fear about it even though you might think you want it to increase in strength), and in this case, you need to be clear about what it is you want before getting dependable results.  It will listen to you, and even "speak" to you in the language of feeling, so watch for this.  Its one aspect of the energy that can help you expand your relationship to it and give you more tools for coping. 

The fear you feel, that's unresolved fear in your subconscious.  You will want to tag the energy with it. Not exactly. Its YOUR energy and the fear and anxiety is all within you.  Kundalini isn't making you do anything. Its merely highlighting what was already there, but ignored.  You do not wrestle with kundalini, you simple surrender.  You let go.  When things are hard, its Kundalini telling you there is a knot to dissolve or let go. In the same way you might use a visualization to cool down and calm kundalini when its all the rage inside of you, so too can you begin to let things go by imagining things that slip away.  I often had images of slipping into a small boat at a dock in the cool of the evening and being entirely rudderless.  This image helped me surrender deeply to the force of my own making.

By visualizing cooling and calming things, your own energy will follow suit.  If you want kundalini to strengthen, simply ask that it do so, and I will guarantee that it will.  I have used this method for years when I was ready for the next round of churning that this energy does to your subconscious.  By doing this, by letting go deeper and deeper, we can heal all those knots and issues that we hadn't paid any attention to.  However, if you do not have control over your feelings or some aspect of your subconscious, you might have some trouble with what this part seems to be doing inside of you. 

You can even do a patterning exercise whereby you do a  mediation that focuses on cooling and calming energies.  At the beginning and end of the meditation, if you have an object that you can associate with the meditation and all the images contained in that meditation, you can, by simply touching your finger on the photo or object, enter a calm state very quickly.  It will take a few times to pattern your insides some, but it will be a wildly effective method.  This is one reason why there is so much ritual in practice.  It doesn't need the stamp of certification from the kundalini institute, though (pardon me if there IS such a place...I am merely making a point).

I can have a piece of turquoise paper, solid, representing the vastness of the ocean....very abstract, yet a touchstone to the larger experience.  When I do that, I find a sense of calm.  Sometimes I can merely imagine I am touching this piece of paper.  And I am there.  It can be that simple.  It can be more complex.  Whatever you choose will work.  there is no magic in someone telling you postures or any of that, even though everyone will tell you that there is/ There isn't.  there is a lot of patterning in all of that, and perhaps you can reach a place where countless others have been.  But do you want to be where others have been, or do you want to go where your soul is calling?  Its a wide open road and you are SAFE.  You have been protected all this time, and you are blessed!

Understanding that kundalini is much closer to your own natural self will help you in knowing how to create a system that works for you.  Once you realize that this really is a kind of game in a sense, all these systems and methods, you can fashion your own with great confidence in its working.  And if you HAVE no confidence, well, then you will probably be looking on the net for some methods to try.  No harm in that.  Its all perfect!

Good luck, and imagine cooling waters......if that's what you need.


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